About Me

Let me introduce myself to you , I am Sarah and i'm a self confessed shopaholic and makeup addict. These two factors made start reading blog and here i am now with a blog of my own. Now i can imagine how i will survive without blogging and being able to communicate with all of those great readers out there.I love writing about products i love and play with different looks .
I love being able to work with different companies, and it means I try things that aren’t in my normal psyche :) I am always looking for new products to test and review.I am not a professional makeup artist and have never gone through proper training. All my techniques and skills are self-taught and acquired through experience/blogs/you tube/magazines. If you read my blog  , you will know that you don't have to grab a dictionary as My writing style is easy, simple and approachable so my friends ,my reader can relate to me. So I've told you I think my English is just fine. Yes, it may not be excellent, but fine:) I apologize for any improper use of vocabulary or grammatical error, You're most welcome to correct me.

 I believe makeup is like art, more you experiment with it, more you learn.

I am also creator and admin of PBBC , A Pakistani beauty blogger community. Its a place for all Pakistani beauty bloggers to unite,chat and have fun. we arrange different meet ups , beauty swaps and different activities to keep all PBBC members active and entertained.

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XOXO -Sarah