Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Picture Perfect Photography Tricks

When you take photographs, you want them to look stunning, beautiful and perhaps most important of all, professionally captured. This is particularly important if you are hoping to for a career in photography. As a photographer, you need to make sure that your pictures pop and that they will stand out on any platform, online or offline. How can you do this?

Let There Be Light

One of the best ways to make your photos look more professional is to think about lighting. When you taking the picture, you may want to think about natural lighting. It is known for some nature photographers to wait around for the perfect time of day before capturing the perfect photo. If you’re taking a picture of nature, you may want to think about cloud cover and sunlight. The way the light reflects on a target could completely alter the look of an image.

Don’t forget, that you can also alter the lighting in post. This can be done by choosing different filters and shades. However, it’s important to realise that you can’t make a poor photo look fantastic with a filter. But the effect of using filters can be incredibly impressive. For instance, Zack Snyder often uses changes lighting on his cinematography to create a different visual tone.

Avoid Aberrations

A photo aberration is something in the picture that isn’t supposed to be there. For instance, you might be taking pictures of a beautiful, scenic river location. However, it’s possible that a bird flew in just as you were taking the shot. This could be an aberration and as such can ruin the picture or make it look unprofessional. Particularly, if that bird was out of focus, blurry or moving so quickly it is barely distinguishable. You can also get problems with aberrations when you are taking people, particularly around the edge of the picture. Pro photographers know to check the surrounding area before they take the shot. If you go on a photography course one of the first things you will be taught is how to avoid aberrations ruining your image. You’ll see a wide range of different examples of this and learn how to remove them from your pictures.

Frame Your Picture Perfectly

Have you ever wondered why some selfies look better than others? It’s usually because some people know how to frame a photo. For instance, if you taking a picture, you should not have a large open space that is irrelevant to the image. At the same time though the target of your photo doesn’t need to completely centre. Instead, you just need to make sure it is the focus of the image. You can do this by changing the angle of the photo and ensuring it is taken from the right perspective.

Zoom, Zoom

Finally, make sure you are aiming to take a nice, tight picture focusing on a target. One of the common mistakes new photographers make is to try and get everything in focus within the photo. This is incredibly tricky, and it’s far easier to focus on one specific point. Do this, and you can guarantee that the next picture you take pops.