Monday, September 25, 2017

Diary of a Shopaholic: Reining in Your Habit

Enjoying a spot of shopping is a pretty normal thing to do. Retail therapy is a good way to relax for some, whether online or offline, and a fun choice to reward yourself. But there can come a time when your shopping habit gets out of hand. If you find it hard to resist a purchase and you're constantly spending, it could be time to admit that you're a shopaholic. The issue can range in severity, from being unable to resist a bargain to having your habit control your life. If it's time to tackle your passion for shopping, there are several things you should do to beat the habit.

Deal with the Financial Consequences

Shopping all the time can get you into financial trouble, especially if you have one or more credit cards. It's so easy to put something on one of your cards and tell yourself that you'll pay for it later. If you want to rein in your shopping problem, the first thing you should do is get rid of any cards. Next, you need to deal with any existing debt. You might find it's helpful to look at personal loans for debt consolidation if you have been using several credit cards. Confronting the reality of your debt can help you to face any problems you might have and admit that it's time to stop spending.

Set Yourself Some Rules

If you want to put a stop to your constant shopping, you need some rules to follow. Shopping isn't something you can never do, so you can't really cut yourself off cold turkey. Sometimes, you need new clothes and other items, and you definitely need to buy food regularly. You can set some rules about what you buy and how you buy it. For example, start carrying only cash with you when you go out, instead of your card. Having the money physically there makes it feel more real. You could also set a rule about waiting to make a purchase. Give it a couple of days, and you will have changed your mind if you don't really need it.

Clear Out Your Home

A shopping addiction can mean that your home quickly fills up with things you don't need. Your wardrobe might be overflowing with outfits you've never worn, and your cupboards full of home accessories that have never seen the light of day. Living more minimally will help you to curb your shopping, and you can begin by getting rid of existing things. Go through your home and decide what to sell or give to charity.

Get Support If You Need It

Sometimes, the issue of a shopping addiction can run deeper than you think. If you're struggling to stop spending or there are underlying problems that need to be addressed, you might need to seek out support. Some people can get that from family and friends, but others might want to find a support group or perhaps even see a therapist.

Controlling your shopping habit can improve your life greatly. You'll have more money to save and more control over your life.

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