Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Taking Your Pet On Holiday: What You Need To Know

When talking about a family vacation, there is no reason why anybody should miss out. Why leave your beloved pet at home when they could enjoy the holiday with you? Now, most pets would be a logistical nightmare to travel with. Your cat with it’s independent spirit is likely to go missing, and keeping the water in the goldfish tank on those bumpy roads would be an impossible task. So we generally mean your four-legged friend, the dog. They are more likely to pine for you while you are away, so rather than put them in kennels, it is possible to bring them along for the journey.

Of course, having an extra travelling companion will mean you can’t be spontaneous. However, with the right planning, you can ensure you all have a great time on vacation.

Check with the airline

When flying, check with the airline first, to make sure your dog is allowed on the flight. Dangerous breeds and very young puppies are normally forbidden, so you don’t want to turn up to the airport without doing a little bit of research first. You may also have to pay extra for your pooch, so that will need be budgeted into your travel costs. There is some helpful advice at
Pet Travel, which will help you with your travelling plans.

Safety first

When travelling by plane or car, you need a safety harness for your dog. Ventilation is very important when driving, especially in very hot weather. Ensure you leave a window partially open, particularly when leaving your dog in the car by itself for any length of time.

Be mindful of other holidaymakers as you need to keep others safe as well as your dog. Consider putting a muzzle on your dog when travelling in close quarters with people your pooch isn’t familiar with.

Pack for your pet

As you pack your holiday gear, your pet will also need a separate bag with essential items. You don’t want your dog getting thirsty, so a water bowl is a must. Food is obvious, but a few treats may be of great benefit when your dog gets restless on the journey. Remember that accidents do happen, so don’t forget those poop bags.

Finding the right accommodation

You don’t want to be left stranded with nowhere to stay, so make sure you find accommodation that is pet-friendly, such as Sleep Inn Airport Hotel. Knowing that they have the facilities for animals will alleviate some of your worries, and other guests will be prepared for the occasional barking.

Health care

You should get your pet vaccinated before going away, as well a general health check. However, find out where the nearest vet or pet hospital is when you are on holiday. Be sure to bring vaccination records with you, as well as any medication your animal needs. Hopefully, nothing will happen, but animals, as well as humans, are liable to get ill or have accidents. It is better to be prepared as you don’t want your pet to come to harm while you are away.

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