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How To Put Together The Stylish Travel Outfits

A true fashionista will always look chic and stylish regardless the occasion, season and the part of the day. Life consists of many events and any woman wants to look impeccably always, even while traveling.
Traveling is always time-consuming and effort consuming, so sometimes it may be challenging to put together a great look. The statement about a perfect travel outfit is an elusive myth, there are no universal clothes, which fit everybody. However, there are some essentials, which make the look stylish even if you are an avid traveler.
So, how to put together a stylish travel outfit? Here are some tips for you to stick to.
Essentials Of The Stylish Travel Outfit
There are certain things, which make any outfit not only comfortable but also fashionable. You can’t go anywhere without incorporating them into your up-to-date travel look. Here are top ten things, without a travel outfit won’t be chic and sophisticated.
  1. Cozy shoes
Except being an amazing practical variant, the shoes add charm to your look. Just choose flat shoes with a closed toe and with a pattern, which will elevate your outfit.
  1. Leggings and a scarf
Leggings allow you a maximum flexibility so that you can sleep and sit the way you want. Besides, a trendy scarf will not only make you look polished, but you feel comfortable regardless the temperature. It is easy to take off when it is needed.
  1. A hat
A hat tops off any look and makes it chicer. Depending on the overall style of your outfit, it may be a baseball cap, trilby, a beret, etc. How to incorporate them it into your outfit, depends on your fantasy.
  1. Boyfriend jeans
Boyfriends, made of light, raw denim, go well with any shoes, they add a slight negligence to the image, which makes it sexier. Pumps, high heel shoes, flats, sneakers, sandals, everything will look harmonious if you pick the right top.
  1. A cute tee
Graphic and printed tees are in demand amid fashionistas! You may tuck them into belted jeans or wear loose; they are a great travel option.
  1. Sunglasses
Sunglasses, which fit your face shape, are a must. They are obligatory if you travel to a hot country, but you may also use them to hide the signs of fatigue or if you are sensitive to the sunlight after a long flight. Classical black sunglasses will complement any image.
  1. A satchel
A handbag should be not only stylish but also functional. You will have all important documents, cosmetics, money and credit cards handy. Moreover, you’ll have a place where you’ll put items you buy in new places.
  1. A coat
When you travel in a cold weather, then the coat will be your best companion. It should meet three requirements: warmth, color, and style. First and foremost, the coat should keep you warm and protect against cold wind. As for the color, it should be stylish and look great with other pieces of your clothes. Also, it should set off your complexion.
  1. One special night out outfit
It’s important to dress the part. Pick this to-go look: combine a maxi dress with wedge shoes and bold accessories. This look is ready for a night out.
  1. Jewelry
A well-picked jewelry can brighten up any look. Do you want to look daring? Go for a multilayered necklace with pearls, crosses, and chains or adorn wrists with heavy bracelets.
Tips For Creating The Stylish Travel Outfits
The major characteristics of travel outfits are that they should be both fancy and practical. There is no point in traveling in formal wear, which will constrain your movements, however, the pajamas are also inappropriate because they make the whole look sloppy. Is there a golden mean? Yes, here are some tips how to achieve a sophisticated travel look.
Go for layers
It doesn’t matter whether you are traveling in summer or winter, layers are what you need. If it is cold in the plane and you are freezing, just put something with long sleeves over a tank top. You can easily shed it when you reach your destination. In winter, you may put a cardigan or an oversized sweater over a shirt.
Do not overdo it with accessories
Stay clear of massive accessories such as big earrings or a bunch of bracelets, they are unnecessary while traveling, plus you’ll have to take them off when going through security. Instead of it, wear elegant accessories, which will fit any look. Besides, don’t forget about the hat, as it may turn a plain-jane outfit into something stylish. Aside from this benefit, it protects the skin from the sun and covers your untidy hair.
Choose comfortable shoes
You may travel much, so shoes should be comfortable and slip off easily when you go through security. In summer, you may opt espadrilles or flip flops, whereas, in winter, uggs can be your go-to variant. Also, hiking shoes should be considered, and a pair of sandals for walking on beaches or muddy areas is needed.
Stand out through patterns
Comfortable clothes don’t have to be boring, so you always may add a zest to your look through patterns. For instance, striped and horizontal clothes will bring out your best features. Become visually slimmer and taller via wearing vertical stripes or if you are too lean, add the volume through horizontal stripes. Besides, a scarf with an unusual pattern or in a contrasting color palette may elevate any look.
Stick to one garment’s genre
Try to wear clothes in one style and don’t mix the genres. Make sure that the fabric, color, and style combine well together. For instance, sweatpants require casual jackets and shirts, whereas skinnies don’t create a pleasing ensemble with bulky shoes and baggy tees.
Pay attention to the color coordination
Go for colors, which suit your skin and the body shape. If you like to stand out, then express yourself through vivid shades: red, white and yellow colors match almost everything hues. Besides, it is not recommended to mix blue and gray colors with browns and beiges.
Opt an appropriate bottom and a top
Loose-fitting jeans, made of dark denim, are good for hiking. Also, leggings are great for those, who stay active while traveling. And chinos, which have a wide range of formality, should be your win-win option. It is better to pick khaki, dust and stone hues.
As for the top, it can easily change your suit and help when weather conditions change. A lightweight cardigan, pullover or a blazer will serve as essential garments. Moreover, leather jacket outfits never go out of fashion, so you will never lose if choose them.
Hence, in order to look trendy and stylish in any situation while traveling, stick to the basics and choose bold additional pieces to make the outfit both comfortable and unique. Then, it won’t matter where you travel as long as you take an awesome style with you!

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