Friday, March 18, 2016

How to Make the Most of Your Engagement

Engagements are often overlooked.  After the ring and the party, it is easy to become caught up in the pressures of the big day.  And sometimes this romantic and significant time in your life becomes forgotten.  Embrace your engagement and cherish this time.  Create some memories that you can look back on during your future life together.  

For all engagements, there will be things you need to do.  First things first.  Have you chosen the ring?  If not, ease the pressure by going to a specialist like Whiteflash.  Read the Whiteflash review for details of their exclusive offering.  

When you’re engaged, it is easy to be swept along into thinking that everything needs to be done right now.  That is rarely the case.  There will be ample time to plan your wedding dress, visit wedding shows and decide on place settings.  Start by purchasing a folder with dividers.  This will be your wedding bible.  Then make a top level list.  Begin with general items first such as dress, rings, venue, etc.  Create a section in the folder for each item.  

Next, enlist the help of friends and family.  Work out who can help and in which areas.  Delegating tasks will take away some of the pressure.  It will also speed things up.  Don’t think that you have to do everything yourself.  You don’t.  And keep telling yourself that there’s time.

Make planning as fun as possible.  Instead of pouring over seating plans and tearing your hair out, make a night of it with family.  Go out for a meal to discuss organisation.  Or talk about the wedding over tea and cakes.  Plan days out with your girlfriends.  Combine wedding fairs with a few drinks or a meal.  Make the planning enjoyable, instead of stressful.

Your engagement is a special time for you and your partner.  It is an unusual time; a bridge between your single and married lives.  Try to mark that occasion.  Many couples are now opting for engagement photo shoots as part of their wedding package.  The idea is to pick a location that is significant to both of you.  This could be where you live or somewhere you like to visit.  It could even be the place you met.  The photographer will put you at your ease and take a series of photographs.  You can choose the ones you like and create an engagement album.  Photos could be used in your wedding stationery or displayed on your wedding day.  But the main purpose is to celebrate this romantic time.  

Another important thing to remember is that you are both still individuals.  Don’t stop doing the things that are important to you.  Take lots of breaks from the wedding planning to do what you enjoy.  Spend time together.  Go out on dates.  Talk about things that interest you and not just the wedding.  

If at any point it all feels like too much pressure, take some time to relax.  Read a book, do some yoga or set up a pamper day with your girlfriends.  Do whatever it takes to restore the peace.  Your engagement will pass by quickly.  Remember to cherish and celebrate it.

5 Things You Don't Need To Leave The House For

The internet is such a wonderful thing! Now it means we don’t even need to leave our house to go shopping. We can now browse many different types of shops online from the comfort of our sofa. You are, however, better off buying some goods in person, though. It’s still worth going to the grocery store for fresh fruit and vegetables. But for the bulk of things, it’s a good idea to look online. So what should you always buy on the internet? Here are the top five things that you don’t need to leave the house for.


Small items such as jewelry are perfect for purchasing online. As they are only small, the postage prices won’t be too high. Online jewelers will put up high-definition photos of their items, so you can get a good look at them before you buy. Usually, you will be able to return any items that you don’t like or are damaged during postage. But it is always a good idea to check the site’s small print to make sure they do accept returns. Websites such as Elf925 specialize in online jewelry purchases.


If you forget to pick up everyday toiletries when you do your next grocery shop, you can always order them online. One of the benefits of buying them online is that many websites offer deals on buying in bulk. So you don’t just have to settle for one tube of toothpaste; you can buy as many as ten at a time! This also takes away the embarrassment of buying personal products in a shop. No one can see what you buy when you do it online!


Don’t enjoy trying on different clothes at the store? Well, now you can save the hassle and try things at home! When you order clothes online, you will be able to return any that don’t fit, or you don’t like. You often have fifteen days to send them back for a full refund, but it is also best to check the individual shop’s policy on returns. It is important to remember that you can’t return anything without tags. So don’t remove them until you are 100% happy with the item!

Books and DVDs

It is often cheaper to buy books and DVDs from online stores rather than in person. Even when you include all the postage charges! You’ll be able to browse at your own leisure at home. When shopping in a book or DVD store, it is easy to feel like you are being rushed into making a choice. However, there is none of this stress online. Once you buy with an online store, you are very likely to be emailed discounts and notified when there are special offers to be had.

Now that we carry out most of our daily tasks online, you may as well shop on the internet as well! It’s amazing what you can buy online these days. Don’t forget, there are many other items that you could add to this list!