Friday, January 8, 2016

4 Essential Items To Put On Your Honeymoon Packing List

A honeymoon is a fabulous excuse to continue the celebrations from your wedding day. But in all the excitement of planning their big day, many brides leave the honeymoon organising to the last minute. This can be a recipe for disaster if you leave for your trip the day after your wedding. So it’s best to get your packing done as soon as you can. 

Here are a few essential items you should be putting on your packing list to help get you started.

Something amazing to wear on your first night

The first night of your honeymoon you will still be buzzing about your big day. So why not wear something amazing to add to your first night away. Whatever your style is, find something that is that extra bit special to bring the wow factor to your evening. It could be a beautiful evening dress or a sparkly top that you can wear to dinner or during a romantic stroll. You could plan a surprise for your partner and encourage them to dress up too. Making an effort will just enhance the romance of this early stage of your trip.


It doesn’t matter where you are travelling to a hat will always be a useful item to have. It could protect you from the sun on the beach or keep you warm during a winter city break. Oversized floppy hats are ideal for providing you with plenty of shade. While beanie hats are great for stopping your hair getting windswept. Always choose a style that suits you and fits you properly. Also, carefully consider the colour to make sure you choose one that goes with anything.


The majority of newly married couples opt for sunny beach locations on their honeymoon. So whether you go to the beach or have your own private pool, swimwear should be a top priority item. Swimsuits and bikinis will be essential if you want to go for a swim or even just for sunbathing. Again, make sure the fit is perfect and go for a statement colour. Also, remember to pack a kaftan, maxi dress or a loose top to wear over your swimwear, that will protect you from getting burnt by the sun.

Sensible shoes
While heels are perfect for an evening, practical and comfortable footwear is a must. It’s likely you’ll be spending a lot of time walking around the local area or visiting popular tourist attractions. The last thing you want is to be complaining about how much your feet hurt. Ballet flats, sandals and plimsolls are all excellent options. If you’re buying new shoes, always try to wear them at least once before you go. This will reduce the chance of you getting blisters and gives you an opportunity to change them if they don’t fit correctly.

Most of your packing will depend on the location you are travelling to. But these items are universal and can be used at any honeymoon destination. Think carefully about what you pack to ensure you don’t take more than you need.