Saturday, October 1, 2016

Nature Charms Beauty Herbs & Oils - Review

Just before eid ul adha , i received two products from Natures Charm for review purposes. I was hearing about the brand for the first time. Being a person who loves herbal haircare,herbal teas and herbal scents, i was excited to try them. I received two products.

  • Active Herbals Fairness Cream/ Light Formula for Summer (full size/3oz) Rs 1500.)
  • 20 Magic Herbs Hair Oil Rs 950 /100ml

I love to use and try herbal hair oils. I try to oil my hair atleast twice a week if not then once a week is confirmed. I color my hair , so my hair tend to gravitate towards normal to dry. The 20 magic hair oil has some amazing blend of stuff like almond,coconut,olive ,rose Mary,garlic and so on (complete list is below) .

Hair fall is a common problem. Everyday we lose strands of hair but are clueless how to stop it from happening. Nature Charms 20 Potent Herbs Oil is especially formulated with nutritious imported Olive , Almond and Coconut Oil. Along with these oils 20 natural Anti hair fall ,Anti dandruff and Anti Gray herbs including Amla ,Ritha ,Sikakai,Fenugreek, Flaxseed, Rose Mary, Lemon Grass, GingerRoot, Calendula ,Pepper Mint ,Rose Petals,Hibiscus, Camphor,Garlic , Sesame, Winter Cherry ,False Daisy ,Yarrow, Basil, Margosa Seeds, Curry and Neem leaves have been added. The unique combination of oils and herbs strengthen your hair from inside and make them lustrous and shiny from outside.It turns hair silky shiny and strong. With regular use of the oil the problem of hair fall stops completely. Stronger ,shining hair only for Rs 950/- per 100 ml.
Apply 2-3 times a week like any other hair oil allow it to stay an hour or two in your hair then wash off. Notice change within a week of usuage .On the first sniff, what i smelled was coconut .The scent is nice and mild and doesnt seem to lnger after washing. I use it mostly on day time but if sometimes i would apply and leave it overnight to get utmost results. My hair felt soft, shiny and manageable after every usage. I felt my hair was less frizzy after wash and was easy to brush . Overall i am pretty happy with it since its doing what it is supposed to do. I have long hair , the bottle i was received was good for 3-4 usage as I like oil to reach every strand of my hair so i apply it pretty liberally . I finished my cute little bottle already .

I am finding the Active Herbals Fairness Cream bit tricky to use. I looked more thicker and blam-like in their facebook photo . The one i received was thick a,bit grainy and alot more oily. I could see the oil at the top layer of the jar. I used it couple of time and honestly , i felt it wasn't suitable for this kind of weather right now . The weather is humid and my skin is more on dry to oily . I couldn't seem to make it work for me and it made me sad because i loved the ingredients. I have kept the cream safe to use for more winter night when my skin will need more moisturizing. But if you have a very dry skin and need a TLC , this will work great for you. 

Nature Charms Active Herbals Fairness cream formulated with Indian Madder ,Lupin Seeds ,goat milk and other ingredients is a unique skin lightening formula that give you smoother, brighter skin by lessening dark spots caused by sun damage and scarring. It lighten freckles, hyper-pigmentation or age spots. The unmatched herbs combination evens out skin tone while refreshing, energizing, and moisturizing it. It also tightens pores, refines skin texture, stimulates circulation, and makes the skin luminous by boosting fairer complexion ,enhancing glow and clearing dark spotsIndian madder is one of the most popular herbs in skin care.It is a potent herb that improves overall skin health tremendously.
 You can find more about  Nature Charms- Beauty Herbs & Oils on Facebook . I will suggest to give the 20 hair oil a chance. I enjoyed using it, i am sure you will too  :)

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