Friday, September 30, 2016

Strawberry Laser Forever: A New, Non-Invasive Plastic Surgery Option


Plastic surgery can be a daunting option when it comes to changing your physical appearance. Programs on TV show the potentially harmful effects of surgery gone wrong. Newspapers and magazines sensationalize botched up plastic surgery jobs. But what many people don’t know is that plastic surgery doesn’t have to be invasive. There are plenty of options for treatments that will never see a needle or knife come anywhere near you. One of these methods is the little heard of strawberry laser treatments. This innovative, new treatment can see patients lose inches from their bodies without any pain. Sounds too good to be true, right? But it is true, and patients are raving about their positive experiences with the plastic surgery method.

What Is Strawberry Laser?

Strawberry laser uses sixty tiny lasers to pass through the skin. They melt fat particles beneath the surface of the skin. Your body reabsorbs the liquified fat and expels it as bodily waste. The treatment takes twenty minutes and will need to be repeated a few times for you to start seeing the positive effects. People require around eight to ten treatments. After the treatments, you’ll be able to see clear, measurable results. You will shed inches from your waist, thighs or other chosen, target areas.

Is It Safe?

Strawberry laser is completely non-invasive and is FDA approved. A professional plastic surgeon carries out the procedures. The results are realistic and gentle. You can expect to see a reduction of one to three inches per session. You won’t experience any pain throughout the entire process. It is a safe and sensible procedure with fewer side effects than other, better known plastic surgery options.

What Can I Expect To Happen?

The procedure is altogether stress-free. Before any treatment starts, you will have a consultation with a professional to discuss the treatment and recovery. Use this time to ensure that the surgeon knows exactly what you want from the treatment. Desired goals will be noted. There are four steps to the treatment itself.

  1. A member of staff will take starting measurements.You will be asked to relax and will be laid down on a table before treatment commences.

  1. Strawberry Laser paddles will be placed over your target areas. Each treatment area will take around ten minutes.

  1. After treatment, more measurements will be taken. This will show the results of the treatment session.

  1. You will then be led to a Whole Body Vibration Unit. You will stand on this for about ten minutes. This will help your body to rid itself of the liquified fat cells now in your system.


Will The Weight Stay Off?

Like any other weight loss technique, it is important to care for your body at the same time as working on it. The fat cells will be expelled from your body and are thus completely gone. However, you will have to take care not to allow your body to make new ones. It is suggested that you incorporate a healthy diet and exercise into your lifestyle to maintain your new body shape and weight.

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