Monday, September 5, 2016

Autumn Beauty Advice You Have To Consider

Summer is nearly over. We are well and truly on our way to autumn. Which has got me thinking about my beauty regime and what I plan to do differently over the up and coming months. There are certain things i need to change as my skin care and hair all require different care as the colder months set in. With that in mind, I thought I would share with you some Autumn beauty advice. So you can get yourself prepared.


Make some changes to your skincare routine

Our skin needs different things when it comes to different times of the year. During the colder months are skin can become drier, and less absorbent. This is why it’s worth considering a new skin care routine to ensure that our skin get’s everything it needs. Hydrating is important, along with making sure your pores are clear. It’s also a great opportunity to try out some new products. You coudl consider a step by step regime from brands like It could give your skin a great glow.

Consider more autumnal colours for nails and makeup

Now autumn is approaching it's the perfect chance to ditch those lighter shades of makeup. Perhaps considering something dramatic and dark. I love how gold is the perfect colour for this time of year. It can give your skin a real autumnal glow. You could also experiment with nail colour. Considering things like khaki green or brown to match in with your outfit choices. Eyeliner is also something else you can incorporate back into your makeup routine. Summer was more about a natural look, whereas autumn and winter requires something a little more striking.

Give your hair some attention

After a lot of sun your hair could be in need of some treatments. Especially if you feel like it is drying out, or even coming out as you brush. A great thing to consider would be a hair mask. These are very conditioning to the hair and add moisture back into the roots. It’s the perfect solution to bring some life back into your hair style. For tips on how to improve the condition of your hair check out

Consider a new hair colour

If you are wanting to pay close attention to your hair you could consider a new style. Or take it one step future and try a whole new colour. Red and brunette is totally on trend at this time of year. A lot of the time, adding a hair dye to your hair can give it a new lease of life and shine.

Keep your hands and body moisturized

Finally, while the colder months are setting in, not only is your face prone to drying out, but so is the rest of your body. This is where it’s essential to make sure your hands and body are regularly moisturised. Make sure you add a body lotion each evening to keep moisture locked in. You could also carry round a hand cream in your handbag so it’s on hand as and when you need it.

I hope this has inspired you to start thinking of your beauty regime over the next few months.

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