Monday, July 4, 2016

Match the Colors and Style in Trend with Women Fashion Accessories

Colours have always played a major part in the world of fashion. Be it clothes or accessories, you will always be on point if you are wearing the right colours. Colours are worn in order to complement one’s body shape, personality, and mood and most importantly, weather. And if those colours are synonymous with the latest trend and style, then you have officially become the fashionista!

In Pakistan, there has been an increasing awareness of tasteful everyday fashion. Thanks to the big designers who have launched affordable luxury clothes and accessories for women. It’s they who have introduced trending colours from the New York, London, Paris and Milan Fashion Weeks in their collection which in turn reflect in our everyday attire. So now colours in fashion are not only confined to western wear only.
Apart from clothing, women accessories have also taken a toll for the better. Pakistani Designers have introduced the concept of accessorizing with daily wear. These accessories have reflected in other big outlets as well, for instance Tesoro Accessories. as a solely women accessories brand, has always emphasized on offering the latest, upbeat trends of the season in women’s accessories, whether it’s in colour or in style. From bags, fashion jewelry to even women’s lingerie, we know fashion and we know what to offer you in the best way possible so that you are on point the whole year around and beyond!
In our women’s accessories collection you will definitely find something that is classic as well as those that are in trend with the current season.
In light of the latest trending colours of the Spring/ Summer season of 2016, let’s see what Turbooz has to offer in terms of colours and style for women.
There has been a whole palette of vibrant and fun colours which were displayed for this season. Among light shades, Rose Quartz was one of the favourites. It is basically a blend of light pink and rose colour. You can find this colour in earrings as well as in bags. This can be matched with lilac grey, serenity which is light blue and peach colour. Pair our Slim Ribbon Drop Earrings (Code 14013) with our Oversized Faceted Frame Sunglasses (Code 7489).
Green Flash was also the IT colour on the ramp. Despite its deep hue, the colour seems cool to the eyes. Yayvo offers you Green Leaf Zircon Earrings (Code 18170) are the perfect colour and a statement piece with a fancy outfit. Go for a lighter colour like Limpet Shell to accent those green earrings like our Sparkling Sequins Fancy Formal Clutch Bag (Code 8219) that will contrast perfectly well.
As there have been many shades of blue appearing this season, so we have various accessories which comes in these colours. Fancy Faux Leather Turquoise Alligator Cuff (Code 13587) and Linear Drop Earrings (Code 14214) are the perfect accessories to wear this season. These can be worn with grey, lemon lime, white and pink.
If you want to go all fiesta this season, our tangy red Clam Clutch (Code 10209) is the perfect answer for all your summery night out. Carry is Sizzling clutch with a Dusty Pink or Rose Quartz outfit.
If you are in the mood to go monochrome for an event then there are some perfect hues to flaunt other than white and black. Stay cool with an all-out Iced Coffee look. Our Short Blouse (Code 17072) is a perfect top for this summer. Pair it with our Handbag Bow (Code 8276) and a Yellow Check Straight Pants (Code 10162). Throw in our Gold Open Cuff Ring (Code 17918) and Sunglasses Matt Check Gold (Code 14290). Other than Iced Coffee, Mossy Green is also a refreshing colour to go monochrome in.
So whenever you decide to come to the Tesoro outlet next, you don’t need to waste time looking through items and be undecided, with this article you are set to rock the latest trends in no time. In order to make things even better and convenient, you can always shop for women’s accessories, their online store, from where you will find everything you are looking for!

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