Wednesday, April 20, 2016

The Top 7 Things Couples Argue About!

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Once you have been together awhile, it’s normal for a couple to start arguing over little things. It can be fiery and can often lead to some couples breaking up. Here are the top six things couples argue about!


Money is one of the leading causes of arguments between couples. It could be that one of you has spent too much on belongings they don’t need. Or it could be arguing over who should be paying the bills. As it says here, almost a third of adults said money is the top conflict between them both. If you are living together, you should have in place a list of who is paying what during the month ahead.


It’s important that you continue to have separate hobbies. But some hobbies and interests can cause huge arguments between a couple. The best thing is to understand they might not like it too. And keep a balance between your favorite hobby and spending time with your other half.


Getting on with your in-laws can be hard, and can cause massive issues with couples. Some parents might not like the fact you are together. The best thing to do is to try and get to know them. Hopefully, they will see how much you love each other. Try and spend time with each others family so they can get to know you properly.


It can be hard for friends to understand they will see less of their friend when they get a partner. Spending too much time with friends can cause arguments between the couple. Try and encourage them to split their time between you and their friends. Also, make an effort to get to know each set of friends, as they are an important part of your lives.


Being messy is one of the main reasons couples end up arguing. They often end up falling out if one partner leaves belongings on the floor. or the traditional one; leaving the toilet seat up! Try to decide who should do what in the house, and then the rows will be kept to a minimum.

Fixing/building items

If you buy something new for your home, huge arguments can happen when you are trying to build it. Try and follow the instructions or even watch unboxing videos to help you both do it quickly. Also, when something breaks, it can be a nightmare trying to fix it. Try and take a breath and leave the room if you feel you will start arguing over it.

The future

A lot of us begin to wonder when our partner will commit to us with a gorgeous engagement ring. But if it doesn’t happen, it can cause huge arguments between you both. Be honest with each other about where you see yourself going in the future. Also, if you want kids, it’s best to talk about it before you get serious. It will tear you apart if one of you doesn’t.

Try and talk about the issues between you both before you end up breaking up.

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