Friday, April 22, 2016

Coachella Hair Styles To Master For Festival Season

The endless Instagram shots of Coachella have got us all thinking about festival fashion and hairstyles. If you’ve been inspired to try out new looks by the likes of Taylor, Kendall and Kylie, here are some of the best trends to try this festival season.

The braided parting
Boho beauty Kate Bosworth hit the headlines at this year’s Coachella with a cool and quirky braided centre parting. If you have fine hair and you find other braided styles tricky, this could be the perfect style for you. To recreate Kate’s look, take a small section of hair just next to your parting and start braiding. Pin the braid securely and create a messy bun. Let the rest of your layers hang free. Team with a white cotton sun dress and well-worn ankle boots, or a printed bardot top and ripped denim shorts.

The dye job
Colour was big business at this year’s festival, with all kinds of shades on show. If you’re eager to channel the swinging 60’s and stand out from the crowd, consider tie-dye. Channel Kylie Jenner with pastel shades. If you’re not brave enough to dye your hair, you can try temporary sprays.

Textured waves
Nothing screams festival chic like relaxed, textured waves. Think beach vibes and bed head, rather than perfectly manicured ringlets. Recreate Alessandra Ambrosio’s low maintenance curls with a blowdry at a salon like Heat Lounge. Alternatively, wash your hair and plait it while it’s still damp the night before and spritz some sea salt spray. Pair with a suede skirt, a gypsy top and sandals for a chic desert look. Finish off with shades and a fringed bag

The new pigtails
Most of us think about our school years when pigtails come up in conversation, but thanks to Kendall Jenner, pigtails are back. This season it’s all about messy miniature buns and loose feathering around the face. This easy style is ideal for a 2 or 3-day festival. Spray some dry shampoo to keep your hair grease-free, and give your locks more texture.

Scruffy volume
In the warmer months, you can let your locks run free, especially at a festival. Avoid spending hours straightening and styling. Go for volume with a blowout, or follow in the footsteps of Laura Whitmore, Kate Moss and Sienna Miller and go for the ‘just got out of bed look’. This style works incredibly with laidback festival fashion and it takes no time at all. When you get up, toss your hair back and add some texture spray. Use your fingers to create volume at the roots and leave the ends. Add a beaded hair crown and some aviators for the ultimate in easy chic.

If you love flicking through photos of events like Coachella, take inspiration from the A-listers and try out some styles at home. There’s something to suit everyone and you don’t need to be a hairdressing maestro to succeed. If you need help, there are hundreds of video tutorials you can follow online.


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