Saturday, March 5, 2016

Top Tips to Improve Body Confidence

It is important to feel confident in ourselves. It provides us with acceptance and security. Lack of confidence can be extremely damaging. It affects many aspects of our lives including our relationships with others.

Where problems with confidence occur it is sometimes as a result of our appearance. Though we are encouraged to believe that beauty comes from within, appearance is still important. It projects who we are in the world and our personal choices.

Each day we are bombarded with images of a beauty aesthetic that is unattainable. We know that magazine photos are often Photoshopped and that the final image does not represent the reality. And yet we are still affected by it. In some cases problems with body image can be so severe that it leads to body dysmorphia.
What can we do to improve our body confidence? The following quick tips will help you feel more accepting of yourself .

Don’t Compare

Don’t compare yourself with others. You are your own person. Don’t look through magazines and think of every flaw you have. Remember the images are likely to be edited. What you’re seeing is not real life.

Embrace Your Flaws

Seriously. Learn to love yourself and embrace your flaws. Your body is a remarkable vessel and a work of art. Think about what it does for you each day. Right now it is breathing for you and pumping through your veins. Billions of messages are being conveyed from your brain. Even when you’re sleeping it is working for you. Celebrate everything good about yourself. Focus on the good parts rather than the bits you don’t like.

Make Changes

We all have areas of our body that we don’t like. Few people are 100% happy with their appearance. Look at these areas carefully. Are they really a problem? Are they affecting your everyday life? Or worse, are they limiting you in some way. If so, then think about making changes. If the issue is something that can be fixed through diet or exercise, then work out a plan. If the issue is a medical condition then seek professional advice.

In more extreme cases you may wish to consider surgery. However, this is a decision that should not be taken lightly and should be discussed with a qualified surgeon. There are many misconceptions about cosmetic surgery. For example, breast augmentation misconceptions are widely reported in the media. But when carried out in a professional and safe environment the results can be beneficial.


Exercise is a great way to boost body confidence. It can be tricky at first but you will notice improvements quickly. As you improve and become fitter your confidence will grow. Exercise also causes our brain to release feel-good chemicals called endorphins.

Eat Well

Eating well can also help with body confidence. There are countless benefits derived from a healthy diet. Once these become apparent, our confidence will grow.

Wear Well-Fitting Clothes

When buying clothes opt for items with a good cut and that fit well. Feeling comfortable and looking good can help boost self-esteem. We’re not suggesting that clothes are a solution but they may help.


If you don’t like it then disguise it. This is true of facial imperfections and bumps and lumps that we want to hide. Opt for good, well fitting clothing. If the issue is skin related then look for a foundation cream with good coverage. It may not solve the problem but it may provide a temporary fix.

Confidence is a state of mind. We’re not suggesting that these simple tips will change the way you think and feel. But making small changes and changing the way we relate to ourselves can lead to greater acceptance.

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