Thursday, March 10, 2016

How to Take Holiday Pics Like a Pro

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Do you ever feel a little disappointed with your holiday photos? You have some wonderful memories of your time away but your photos don’t capture the essence of those moments. They feel a little flat and don’t quite live up to the spirit of your holiday. There’s an art to photography and the more you learn and practise the better photographer you will become. Until then, follow these simple steps to capture those moments with the skill they deserve.

Invest in a Good Camera

It all starts with the camera. Smartphones will only take you so far; I’m afraid. To shoot quality photos you need a quality camera like the Nikon D750.

There are a number of areas where smartphone camera falls down. The flash is one of them. If you have ever used your phone’s flash in low light you’ll know what I’m talking about. The zoom function and the ability to take motion shots are also areas where phones are just not comparable. To make the most of your holiday photographs invest in a good camera and follow these tips to look after it.

Get to Know Your Camera

Become familiar with your camera before you leave and get to know the features and functions. If it’s feasible, take a course and learn from the professionals. If not, there’s a wealth of knowledge to be found online. Look for tips on taking professional-looking photos. Get as much practise as possible. You will learn most through experience.


Get the lighting right and you’re part way there. Where possible, try to shoot outside. Natural light provides the best conditions for photography. For inside shots try to position the subject close to a light source. Daylight is best and so try opening the curtains. Otherwise, switch on lamps and position them close to the subject.


When framing your photo experiment with angles and positions to see what works best. There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to photography. However, there are guidelines we can follow to improve our technique.

One of the most well-known ‘rules’ is the rule of thirds. Image your photograph is split into nine equal rectangles. i.e. three rows of three. To add balance to your picture position your subject along these lines or at the points they intersect.


Try to vary your shots. With a digital camera there is a temptation to take lots of pics of the same subject. This is fine and it will help you to find the best shot. However, try to vary the type of photos you take. Shoot a mixture of people and landscape shots. Vary the light and the time of day. Change your angles and positions. Don’t get too comfortable when you find a technique that works. Keep on experimenting.

Above all, have fun with your photos. Don’t overthink it and don’t take it too seriously. If you’re passionate about your photography and have fun, this will show in your work.

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