Thursday, March 3, 2016

5 Ways to Personalize Your Wedding

Your wedding day should be a day where you feel special. Your family, friends, and future spouse are gathered around you. You have the perfect dress, venue, and catering. (At least, you’re working on it). But how do you stop your wedding simply blending into the crowd? Most people attend several weddings a year, and they are very traditional ceremonies. Read on for five fun ideas to add a personal twist to an otherwise traditional ceremony!

1) Guest Gift Bags

Most of your guests will be accustomed the idea of bringing gifts for the bride and groom. But receiving them? That could take them by surprise! Chances are that you are on a tight budget for your wedding and that overspending is out of the questions. The items in a gift need not be extravagant, however. In fact, the quirkier and more personal the better! If you have a small number of close-knit guests, photos from your time together can be a great item to include. If you’re catering for larger numbers, even just a Thank You card and a flower from the bouquet would be a nice touch!

2) Photographs that Suit Your Personality

An experienced and reputable photographer is an essential part of many weddings. It is important that you get the expected photographs. Walking down the aisle, the first kiss, the and first dance will all be memories that you want to revisit. But adding a few unexpected photographs to the mix that reflect your personality can give an exciting twist to the day. The professionals at Lesley Meredith Wedding Photography offer a pre-wedding shoot, for example. This gives you the opportunity to try things out and become more comfortable in front of the camera!

3) Unique Invitations

You can set the tone for your wedding long before the big day. Invitations can give a your guests a strong sense of the theme and tone of your wedding. It might be formal and glamourous, bohemian and ethereal, or playful and laid-back. Choose a design that reflects this or even present them creatively. You might select something that relates to the way you and your partner met, such as a movie ticket style or a gig poster. An invite needn’t be a formality. It can be an opportunity to really express yourself!

4) Playlist

On the day, one of the very best ways to set the mood and reflect your personality is with a great playlist. Discuss all music choices with your DJ or band. Consider including songs and music from all different times in your life. Maybe ones that bring back fond memories of friends or teenage years, followed by pieces that are meaningful to you and your new spouse.
5) The Theme

A wedding theme itself should be a reflection of you and your spouse. This is your opportunity to create mood through details, decor and colour schemes. This is perhaps one of those most time consuming aspects of wedding planning, so be sure to seek advice and extra opinions!

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