Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Villa Or Hotel; Which One's For You?

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You’ve probably been on more than a few holidays in your lifetime. Now that you’re the one organising them, don’t they seem a little less relaxing than they should be? If your last trip seemed too noisy or fast-paced, then the issue might be in the accommodation you’re choosing. While there are a few setbacks to choosing a villa holiday, it can make for a relaxing, flexible trip.
First of all, villas have an advantage everyone can appreciate. By and large, they’re considerably cheaper, as you pay for them by the week rather than by the day. Villas also have much lower running expenses than other accommodation options. Of course it varies depending on the location and villa itself, but you usually get a pretty big place for an affordable weekly charge. The value doesn’t stop there though! Choosing a villa gives you a lot more freedom in terms of flights, insurance and vehicle hire. Whereas all-inclusive hotel deals are tied up in an inflexible pack, when you rent a villa you’ll have all the freedom you could want. Less of the planning is done for you, but this can often be a good thing!

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Another great thing about villas is the privacy. You don’t have to worry about getting up early and scrambling for sunbeds. You can also nap long into the day without being disturbed by cleaners and other guests. In short, you’ll have absolutely nothing to worry about when you’re walking around with too much sun lotion and a cocktail that’s far too tall! The locations for many villas adds to this kind of privacy, but can be a slight disadvantage compared to hotels. You might be perfectly happy being surrounded by unspoilt Languedoc villages or quiet, Tuscan farmsteads. However, these tranquil spots will often put you a fair distance from all the beaches and bars. No matter how idyllic the villa looks, make sure to check how far you are from everything and ask your travelling party about what they want to do.
There are a lot of advantages villas have over hotels. Still, don’t book anything before considering the drawbacks. Villas are self-catering, for one. This not only means that you’ll be missing out on some amazing buffets, but can make a nice villa much harder to locate than a good hotel. Unlike hotels, villas aren’t standardised either. This can require a lot more research past looking at the number of stars! Even if two villas have the exact same price per week, they could be vastly different in terms of quality. Also, if you’re thinking of a romantic getaway for two, the villa option could end up being a lot more expensive than travelling with a group.
Despite these disadvantages, hiring a villa can be a wonderful way to stay during your trip. It’s a must if you’re the kind of person who likes every last part of their travels to be under their control. Find the right one, and your next holiday might be truly unforgettable!

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