Tuesday, February 2, 2016

The Ins And Outs Of Hosting A Big Family Dinner Party

Whether you’re planning on hosting a dinner party just to get everyone together or are planning in advance for this year’s holidays. It’s important that you’re aware of all the ins and outs of dinner party hosting. There’s a lot more to planning a dinner party than meets the eye, and it’s important to realize that. There’s a lot of stress, planning and effort that goes into organizing a successful dinner party. To help you plan the most amazing family dinner, here are a few must-know planning tips.

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Don’t attempt a new recipe, stick to what you know

It’s only natural that whatever event you’re celebrating, be it a birthday, Friday night, or holiday, you want to wow your guests. However, making a fancy new dish for them is never a good idea, no matter how easy it is. To ensure your food is a success, stick to food that you’ve made countless times before and have perfected. There’s nothing like stressing out about how a new dishes will turn out when you have guests coming.

It’s also essential that when it comes to selecting dishes, that you take any dietary requirements into account. Today, food allergies and intolerances are a lot more common, which means the chances are that at least one of your guests will suffer from one.

Prepare in advance and freeze things

Make things easier for yourself by doing as much preparation beforehand as possible. You should be able to make a few of your dishes beforehand, so that on the day, you don’t have to get every last dish made. If you’re unsure what dishes can be made in advance and frozen, Google it. Pretty much anything, apart from salad and fresh vegetable dishes, can be made, cooked, and then froze.

Start cooking earlier than you should

Make sure that on the day of the dinner party that you start cooking earlier than you normally would. You’re probably not used to cooking for so many people at once, so it’s a good idea to start a little earlier. While people are happy to wait for a delicious meal, they won’t want to be eating too late. That’s why it’s best to start cooking a little earlier, to ensure that everything is done in time.

Have a plan B in place

The chances are that it won’t happen, but should something go wrong; it’s crucial that you have a plan B in place. For example, should the cooker break down while you’re preparing your holiday dinner party feast. It’s essential that you have the number for a company that offers holiday kitchen appliance repairs. As well as the number for a catering company, in case the oven can’t be fixed in time, to cook everything. Reduce your stress and always ensure that you have a plan B in place.

Put snacks out to keep guests going

To prevent your guests from getting too hungry, make sure to lay out some nibbles for them to snack on. Nuts, bread, crisps and dips, cheese and cold meats, and raw veggies, all make great nibbles.

Have a serve-yourself drinks station

Last but not least, instead of serving the drinks yourself, create a drinks station. You’ll be under enough pressure as it is, without having to keep on top of filling people’s glasses. So your best bet is to create a drinks station where guests can help themselves to whatever they want to drink.

Hosting a dinner party may not be as easy as you’d think, but if you take note of the tips above, you can make it less stressful for yourself.

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