Monday, February 15, 2016

Everything That You Need To Know About Dealing With Hyperpigmentation

Often we talk about our skin type, how blemish prone we are and things like that, but one area that many of us fail to think about is hyperpigmentation. This is partly because a lot of us don’t know much about it, even if it’s something that we suffer from. And also, because when it comes to dealing with and treating the problem, we don’t know where to start.

How about with a definition of what hyperpigmentation is? Hyperpigmentation is a condition that causes areas of your skin to appear darker than your natural skin tone. It’s caused when the melanin in the skin (the chemical responsible for skin colour) is overproduced, leading to darker spots. The reason that this happens can vary, from age to the side effects of birth control. One of the most common causes of hyperpigmentation is a trauma to the skin, such as a bite, spot or sunburn.

Now we’ve discussed what hyperpigmentation is and how it’s caused, it’s time to talk prevention and treatments. For everything that you need to know about dealing with hyperpigmentation, keep reading.

Ways to prevent hyperpigmentation

How you prevent hyperpigmentation from occurring depends on what the cause is. However, if you take these tips on boards, you’ll make yourself a lot less prone to developing it.

Make sure that you always protect your skin from sun damage. Don’t just apply sunscreen once, reapply it every couple of hours and after swimming. It’s not just about sun damage, but also heat damage. Spending too long in a sauna or hot tub can lead to hyperpigmentation. You might think that pale skin is more prone to this condition because it’s more prone to sunburn, but that’s not the case.

Aside from protecting your skin from the sun, to prevent hyperpigmentation, there are other things you can do. Don’t pick spots, allow them to heal on their own. If you’re on hormonal contraception, speak to your doctor about which method is less likely to cause dark spots. If you suffer a trauma to your face, use pure aloe vera to help speed up healing and prevent dark spots.

Treatment tips for hyperpigmentation

One option for treating hyperpigmentation is with the use of brightening serums and creams. There are plenty of creams that are available over the counter, as well as ones that a prescription is needed for. For example, you can enjoy intensive whitening skin serum at home from Clarins. However, if you want a stronger whitener that works more quickly, you’ll need to see your dermatologist for a prescription.

To treat hyperpigmentation, regular exfoliation is crucial. This can be exfoliation through microdermabrasion, chemical peels or simply via sugar scrubs. The type of exfoliation you pick is up to you; it’s about what works best for your skin. After a few weeks of regular exfoliation treatments, you’ll notice a difference to any dark spots.

Hopefully, after reading that, you have a better understanding of what causes hyperpigmentation. As well as how to prevent and treat it.

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