Monday, February 1, 2016

Fashion and Style Tips Everybody Should Know

When it comes to fashion and style, many people don’t realise that they are two completely different things. Fashion usually refers to the trends that are mainstream at any given time, while style never fades. You aren’t always born with style, but it’s something you can practice and get better at. You just need to do a few things first to make sure you have your style down to a T. Use the tips in this guide to help you:
Only Follow a Trend if You Love it
You should only ever follow a trend if you love it and you know you’ll get your wear out of it. The problem with following trends is that after a couple of weeks, they all become obsolete. So all of the money you’ve spent on new clothes goes to waste, because you stop wearing them! Only if you’re sure you’ll wear a trend over and over, should you follow it. It’s always better to be unique!

Don’t Buy Anything You Don’t Absolutely Love
You should only ever buy items that you absolutely love. Be vigilant with the items that get into your wardrobe. Be as picky with them as you are with your partners! Don’t buy clothes for the sake of it, or in a panic. You should only spend money on items that you really feel describe you and your personal style. To help you know what will get the most wear, assess your wardrobe currently. Work out what works for you and why, and what hasn’t. Was it the style? The colour? Then aim to buy more things like that in future.
Always Accessorize
You should always accessorize your outfits if you want to make the most of them. Accessories can make an outfit look even better. You don’t need to pile on the jewels either, you can just add a few subtle pieces. Try to fill in a few gaps and see how you get on. Just bear in mind that accessorizing can be a whole different ball game. It might be best if you’re confident styling yourself before you start playing with jewellery.
Know What Suits Your Body Type
There are lots of different body types. There’s the pear, the apple, and petite to name just a few. Knowing what suits your body type is key to looking incredible. Whether you’re wearing an abaya dress or a suit, getting it to suit your body is important.
Use the Rule of Thirds
The rule of thirds can make outfits look way more interesting, not to mention flattering. You should never wear an outfit that splits you in half, as it looks out of proportion. You should always wear outfits that work in thirds. For example, a high waisted skirt and tucked in blouse. Perhaps even a long tunic top and a pair of leggings.
Mix Vintage With Modern Fashion
Mixing vintage and modern pieces helps you to create a seriously stylish look of your own. Have fun with it!
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