Thursday, January 14, 2016

Top Tips To Look Stunning On Your Wedding Day

Looking your best on your wedding day is absolutely essential. You want to be the most beautiful person in the room. Most importantly, you want everyone to remember that moment when you shone brighter than the stars. There are lots of ways you can ensure you are radiant for your big event.

Start with having a spa day a few days before. You might enjoy it as part of your hen night. Most day spas offer a bridal package. They include things like manicures, pedicures, facials and hair removal. Then, of course, comes the champagne and massage! You can be spoilt and pampered for the last time as a single lady. Lush!

Even if you don’t have a facial at a spa, it’s worth spending some time on your skin in the run up to your wedding day. Exfoliate gently, and keep on top of your moisturising routine. This will help prevent dry patches and breakouts that may appear under your makeup on the big day. It’s especially important you cleanse thoroughly on your wedding morning as your makeup will be heavier. You’ll be wearing it all day so it could leave your skin vulnerable to clogged pores

Choose bridal jewellery that suits you. Less is more. A simple necklace, your engagement ring, and some drop earrings are usually enough. Then you can add your tiara or hairpiece to finish your look. Using a hair stylist can help ensure your hair looks stunning under your veil. Curls are still very popular for bridal hair. Up dos are also still on trend, or you can try hair extensions for a half up and half down look.

Makeup needs to be heavier than usual for the bride. This is so it shows up well on any wedding photography and videos. There are plenty of bridal makeup artists for you to choose from. Choose products that stay all day, as there will be little opportunity for touch-ups. Blush is quite important to get that rosy glow for a bride. False lashes help open up the eyes and create feminine elegance for your look.

Fake tans can help if you are quite pale and have a sleeveless dress. Alternatively, a little moisturiser with bronzer can do the trick. Have a look at for some ideas. Keeping your skin soft and supple is important if it will be exposed on the day. And summer brides need to avoid tan lines and burns that will show up!

Your wedding photographer is responsible for capturing the whole day. Most importantly, a good photographer will be able to show you at your most beautiful. Check out to see how to find a photographer with a knack for catching those natural moments where your smile is most genuine. Angles and light choices go a long way to bringing out your natural beauty. The venue should have plenty of places for naturally lit photography to be a success.

Finally, choose a dress that suits your body shape. Maintaining a good posture will help show off its detail beautifully and help maintain your perfect silhouette. With all these tips, you’re sure to look stunning on your wedding day.

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