Thursday, December 22, 2016

A Trip With A View: Unspoiled Beauty You Need To See To Believe

Time and again, when awards are handed out for factual TV programming, they go to nature documentaries. There is a reason for this, of course. Sure, part of it may be that people enjoy watching cute animals prancing about. A lot of it comes from the dramatic scenes of peril when the same animals are under threat from predators. But a huge amount of it comes from something else.

See, the people who make TV drama spend a long time finding the right location in which to shoot. When it comes to nature, though, the canvas is already there.

There is a lot of world out there, and the parts we are used to are often crowded. Those documentaries show us parts of the world that are more unspoiled and beautiful. When you want to take a holiday, some of the best destinations are those natural wonders.

Take A Trip To Europe And See Real Unspoiled Beauty

The Europe many of us are familiar with is the cities like Paris, London, and Barcelona. Smaller, more untapped cities such as Vienna and Prague are still fairly built-up. But there is still a lot of Europe that doesn't have that concrete jungle feel.

If you want to see another side to Europe and have tapped out the increasingly popular spots in the Nordic nations, look East. There is plenty to see in countries like Slovenia, such as the coastal town of Piran. If views are your thing, then this is a destination you'll appreciate.

See The Real Australia Up Close

When we see Australia on the TV, it's usually in one of two contexts. The cities - which are fantastic, make no mistake - or the Outback. A lot has been said and written about the latter area. Some people will flat-out advise you not to travel there, as things can get hairy for tourists who get lost.

If you want to get away from crowds and still have a relaxing experience, a coastal cruise is worth a go. Check out the beauty of Western Australia. You can book cruises via Best of the Kimberley or similar, and see incredible waterfalls and gorges. If you fancy getting really close to nature, then try diving at Rowley Shoals.

Peru: South America's Untapped Wonder

When we talk about South America, we are often fairly narrow in the areas we focus on. Yes, Argentina and Brazil both have a lot going for them. However, if you want to see something incredible, a trip to Peru should be on your bucket list.

Whether it be the undoubted beauty of the shores of Lake Titicaca or one of the many national parks, there is something in Peru for everyone. If you're looking for a serene vacation, this is one that's hard to beat. Soak in some Inca history or just hike in the nature that's all around you. You'll feel your stresses falling away as you do so.

The natural world has been very kind to the makers of documentaries; that's for sure. What we often don't realize is that the world is there for us to see, too. It's never better than when seen up close.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Get To Know Your Beauty With These Handy Hints

In a world where we’re constantly seeking validation, it can be hard to realise that our own validation is enough. We’ve already looked at completing ourselves, but there’s no denying that it’s sometimes easier said than done. Every woman wants to be told she’s beautiful. Take control. Don’t be that woman anymore. Get to the point where you know you’re beautiful, irrelevant of if someone tells you. We’re all beautiful; we just need to come to terms with ourselves. Again, this is no easy task. It involves undoing everything you think you know. It’s a goal well worth dedicating your time to, though! Sites like have some great tips for feeling good by developing self esteem. Here are some steps you can take straight away to help yourself reach your goal.


You won’t believe you’re beautiful if you don’t see yourself clearly. In truth, few of us really see ourselves. We look at our bodies so much more critically than we would anyone else’s. Is it any wonder we’re always dissatisfied? Taking the time to see your body realistically is crucial. Get used to the way your body looks. Don’t be critical, or judge the parts of yourself you don't like. Take the time to look at yourself and accept. Full-length mirrors can be ideal for this practice. Take some time, each night, to stand in front of a full-length mirror and study yourself. Do this naked, if you can. If you don’t feel comfortable, start off in underwear and build the practice. Judge your body with the kindness you would judge somebody else’s. Learn where your lumps and bumps are and learn to love them.


So often, feel good guides will knock the use of makeup and other beauty products. You don’t need to scrap the use of beauty products altogether to feel good about yourself. In fact, beauty products can be a great aid in making you feel good. The trick is to change the way you use them. Too often we use beauty products to look good for other people. Change your view, and use these products for yourself. Look good for you, nobody else! After all, you’re working on not needing validation from anybody, right? Beauty products can also be an excellent way to know yourself better. Trying new things is going to get you more familiar with different aspects of your body. New skincare will help you know your skin. New makeup will help you know what looks good on you. Take a look at sites like to get an idea of the products that will work for you.


You never look better than when you’re smiling. If your mood is low, it’ll show in your appearance. Take the time to make yourself happy, and see how that happiness shines in every aspect of your life. Everything’s better when you have a smile on your face, after all! 

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Say No To Ageing! Easy Ways To Maintain Youthful Skin

When it comes to ageing, most of us don't start even thinking about it until it's too late. After all, what person in their early twenties is even thinking about getting wrinkles, or getting saggy skin? Unfortunately, the ageing process can start at different times for different people. In fact, experts say it is never too early to start protecting your skin from the effects of ageing. Those people who don't, tend to be the ones who are paying for expensive and invasive surgery in their later lives. If you want to ensure that you have youthful skin for many years to come, take a look at these great tips.

Image source

Non-surgical methods

If you're already noticing a few signs of early ageing, your first thought may be to call the nearest plastic surgeon and demand a consultation. But going under the knife is not something that should be taken lightly. It does work for many people, but it is a big commitment that takes a long time to recover from. Plus, you might find that you need to have subsequent surgeries to maintain the upkeep of your original procedure. Thankfully, there are some new non-invasive options on the market these days that give you the same effect, without having to go under the knife. If you've noticed that the skin on your face has started to droop, why not consider something like a thread lift enhancement treatment?

Image source

The obvious methods

Remember when you were a kid and your mom would always make you stay out of the sun, or make you wear an ugly sun hat? Well, what she was doing was actually trying to protect your skin from sun damage. We all know about the risks that extended UV exposure can have on our health. But, it is also one of the leading causes behind the prematurely aged skin. In fact, a report by the World Health Organization found that sun damage could account for up to 90% of aesthetic damage to the skin on our face. This is a scary statistic, especially when it doesn't take that much to protect yourself from harmful UV rays. Avoid the sun between the hours of 11am and 1pm, as this is when it is at its lowest in the sky. Always wear sunscreen when you're out and about; you may need a higher SPF for your face than you do for the rest of your body.

Image source

The new age method

There are millions of creams and lotions on the market these days that claim to turn back the clock when it comes to our skin. However, many people are sceptical of how many actually work - or at least which ones have long-term effects. If you want to stop the ageing process before it's even begun, one of the best ways is to get specific minerals and vitamins into your diet. Vitamins A and B are both essential for healthy skin. You can find vitamin A in dark leafy vegetables and in sweet potatoes, and vitamin B is typically found in whole grains, chicken and fish.

Friday, November 18, 2016

Banish Blemishes With A Makeup Removal Routine That Works

Wearing makeup can make you feel great. Whether you’re hiding blemishes, or just like looking beautiful, makeup can boost confidence. Failing to take your makeup off in the proper way can cause problems, though. Leaving makeup, or residue, on your face overnight is sure to cause spots and skin problems. Even the best quality makeup will suffocate your pores if you leave it on for too long. Your skin needs time to breathe, and you should be taking your makeup off nightly to allow it to do so. If you’ve been struggling to get into a makeup removal routine that works for you, you’ve come to the right place! Here are some things you should consider.


Any nightly routine starts with the removal of the makeup. Makeup's hard to get off. It’s designed to last through the wear and tear of the day. Makeup that lasts is fantastic, but things can get quite tricky when it comes to taking it off again! There are a few different options to make the struggle easier. Makeup wipes are a convenient and easy to use option. They are quite harsh on your skin. Makeup wipes can be great if you’re traveling, but it’s best not to use these in the long run. Alternatively, you could try cream cleansers. These are great because they cleanse your skin at the same time. They’re also ideal for sensitive skin. If you wear heavy makeup, this might not be the best option for you. Because they're a gentle removal option, they aren’t overly effective when removing the heavy stuff. Micellar water is another great choice. Garnier micellar water is an all in one cleanser & makeup remover. Micellar water is suitable for sensitive skin. It doesn’t have any unpleasant additives! Not to mention that most micellar waters cleanse at the same time!


It’s wise to use a skin toner after you remove your makeup. There are many great toners out there. These products take off any residue makeup, as well as ensuring your skin is free of impurities. You can never be too careful. Even the smallest dirt left overnight can cause significant skin blemishes. Toning is an excellent way to give yourself a healthy glow. Take a look at the toners available and decide which one will suit. Most offer different benefits!


The next step is to moisturize. Moisturizing your skin is key to keeping it hydrated and avoiding the appearance of wrinkles. It may be worth leaving a gap between toner and moisturizer. Wet skin will not absorb the moisturizer in the right way. There are many moisturizers on the market. Keep your skin type in mind while you choose. If you're worried about wrinkles, there are plenty of anti-wrinkle choices. Moisturizing in itself may help in the fight against wrinkles, but you can never be too careful. You might even want to invest in a night and day cream. They're designed to protect your skin throughout both night and day.

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Plan an epic American road trip with this top advice

Taking an epic road trip is one thing that everyone should do at least once. Even if you don't drive, you can go with someone else or even book onto a group tour. You can take a road trip anywhere you want. But it's the vast and sprawling countries that can make for some of the best trips. For example, Australia and Canada are both great choices for a road trip. One of the most legendary road trip destinations has to be the USA. There are several famous road trip routes to explore, or you can just set off in any direction. If you're considering a great American road trip, there are few things you need to think about before you go.

Organise Your Travel Documents

Any international trip requires thought about how to get into the country. Sometimes, it's as easy as turning up with your passport. However, if you're a Brit travelling to the US, there's a bit more work involved. You'll need to apply for an ESTA visa waiver, which says that you don't need a visa to get into the country. It sounds a bit like applying for a visa, but it's an easier process. You can do it online to make it quick and easy. Try the Official ESTA website, for example. The process shouldn't take long, and you can receive your ESTA quickly. It will last you two years, or until your passport expires, so you don't need to apply again if you recently got one.

As for other documents, you will need to show your driver's licence when you hire a car. You should be fine to use your British licence, although some people like to have an international one. You should make sure you have any other important documents too, such as travel insurance and medical information.

Select Your Route

Of course, you have to decide where you're going to go. The US is so big that it can be difficult to choose a route to follow. If you want to make it a bit easier, you can start with some of the famous road trip routes. For example, there's Route 66, possibly the most famous American road trip of all. If you're looking to see as much of the US as possible, going coast to coast is a great choice. You can start and end wherever you want. If you want to travel one continuous route, you could pick Route 20 from Newport, Oregon to Boston or take Route 6 in the south. Or you can create your own itinerary to ensure you get to see whatever you want.

Sort Out Vehicle Hire

You're going to need a vehicle for your road trip. You may be able to arrange to pick it up in one place and drop it off in another. So if you only want to go one-way, you can fly in and out of different cities. The big question is what sort of vehicle you want to hire. A standard car will get you from A to B, but you will need somewhere to stay at night. If you hire a camper or motorhome, however, you can also stay at campgrounds. But if you have a larger vehicle, you are going to have to think about where you can park it. Perhaps you even want to do your road trip by motorbike instead.

Once you have decided on your mode of transport, you need to arrange to hire it. It's better to sort it out before you leave to ensure you get what you want. Do some research into different hire firms to find the right one. If you're under 25, be careful, as some firms may not hire to you. However, many will hire out cars to anyone over 18. Compare prices carefully to get the best deal, and remember to take out insurance. Even if you already have travel insurance (which you should), you need insurance for the vehicle too.

Study the Rules of the Road

Driving in the US shouldn't be too confusing. However, there are differences, and it's important to be aware of them. To begin with, if you hire a car, it is likely to be automatic. While manual vehicles are available, automatic transmissions are the standard. There are some rules of the road you'll need to be aware of across the country and in particular locations. For example, America doesn't really do roundabouts. Instead, they have intersections that can get busy and confusing. Because they can become congested, you are usually allowed to turn right on a red light, as long as it is safe. However, you can't do this in New York City. Give yourself a quick crash course on some of the rules of the road before driving in the US for the first time.

Think About Accommodation

Your road trip might be a few days long, a few weeks or even a couple of months. You can stay for up to 90 days with an ESTA. You should think about your accommodation options along the way. What's available to you will depend on where you're going. You should look along the route you want to take to see what's there. There might be campgrounds, hotels or perhaps hostels. You're likely to find plenty of motels and cheap hotel chains, which can be very useful. However, perhaps you don't want to stay in a hotel or motel every night.

Consider How to Eat Along the Way

Apart from somewhere to sleep, eating is going to be one of your most important things on your journey. Some routes will allow you to stop at a diverse range of places. Others will have you picking up processed snacks at gas stations and eating fast food. You might want to take this into account when you choose your route. For the most part, you will be able to stop in towns and cities that offer you plenty of choice. But remember that it could be expensive because without a kitchen you'll have to eat out all the time.

Your epic American road trip could be the best adventure you ever have. Make it even better by being well prepared.

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Sigma Beauty Dry'n Shape Spa


 The PATENTED Sigma Dry’n Shape® Spa was designed to clean, dry, and reshape brushes using one innovative gadget. Combining the best of SigmaSpa®’s patented textures and Sigma Dry’n Shape® Tower technology, the Sigma Dry’n Shape® Spa brings a new level of efficiency to brush care. The compact design and universal fit make it ideal for travel and holds up to 18 brushes at one time. 

You can buy New SIGMA DRY'N SHAPE® SPA from for $29

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Nature Charms Beauty Herbs & Oils - Review

Just before eid ul adha , i received two products from Natures Charm for review purposes. I was hearing about the brand for the first time. Being a person who loves herbal haircare,herbal teas and herbal scents, i was excited to try them. I received two products.

  • Active Herbals Fairness Cream/ Light Formula for Summer (full size/3oz) Rs 1500.)
  • 20 Magic Herbs Hair Oil Rs 950 /100ml

I love to use and try herbal hair oils. I try to oil my hair atleast twice a week if not then once a week is confirmed. I color my hair , so my hair tend to gravitate towards normal to dry. The 20 magic hair oil has some amazing blend of stuff like almond,coconut,olive ,rose Mary,garlic and so on (complete list is below) .

Hair fall is a common problem. Everyday we lose strands of hair but are clueless how to stop it from happening. Nature Charms 20 Potent Herbs Oil is especially formulated with nutritious imported Olive , Almond and Coconut Oil. Along with these oils 20 natural Anti hair fall ,Anti dandruff and Anti Gray herbs including Amla ,Ritha ,Sikakai,Fenugreek, Flaxseed, Rose Mary, Lemon Grass, GingerRoot, Calendula ,Pepper Mint ,Rose Petals,Hibiscus, Camphor,Garlic , Sesame, Winter Cherry ,False Daisy ,Yarrow, Basil, Margosa Seeds, Curry and Neem leaves have been added. The unique combination of oils and herbs strengthen your hair from inside and make them lustrous and shiny from outside.It turns hair silky shiny and strong. With regular use of the oil the problem of hair fall stops completely. Stronger ,shining hair only for Rs 950/- per 100 ml.
Apply 2-3 times a week like any other hair oil allow it to stay an hour or two in your hair then wash off. Notice change within a week of usuage .On the first sniff, what i smelled was coconut .The scent is nice and mild and doesnt seem to lnger after washing. I use it mostly on day time but if sometimes i would apply and leave it overnight to get utmost results. My hair felt soft, shiny and manageable after every usage. I felt my hair was less frizzy after wash and was easy to brush . Overall i am pretty happy with it since its doing what it is supposed to do. I have long hair , the bottle i was received was good for 3-4 usage as I like oil to reach every strand of my hair so i apply it pretty liberally . I finished my cute little bottle already .

I am finding the Active Herbals Fairness Cream bit tricky to use. I looked more thicker and blam-like in their facebook photo . The one i received was thick a,bit grainy and alot more oily. I could see the oil at the top layer of the jar. I used it couple of time and honestly , i felt it wasn't suitable for this kind of weather right now . The weather is humid and my skin is more on dry to oily . I couldn't seem to make it work for me and it made me sad because i loved the ingredients. I have kept the cream safe to use for more winter night when my skin will need more moisturizing. But if you have a very dry skin and need a TLC , this will work great for you. 

Nature Charms Active Herbals Fairness cream formulated with Indian Madder ,Lupin Seeds ,goat milk and other ingredients is a unique skin lightening formula that give you smoother, brighter skin by lessening dark spots caused by sun damage and scarring. It lighten freckles, hyper-pigmentation or age spots. The unmatched herbs combination evens out skin tone while refreshing, energizing, and moisturizing it. It also tightens pores, refines skin texture, stimulates circulation, and makes the skin luminous by boosting fairer complexion ,enhancing glow and clearing dark spotsIndian madder is one of the most popular herbs in skin care.It is a potent herb that improves overall skin health tremendously.
 You can find more about  Nature Charms- Beauty Herbs & Oils on Facebook . I will suggest to give the 20 hair oil a chance. I enjoyed using it, i am sure you will too  :)

Friday, September 30, 2016

Strawberry Laser Forever: A New, Non-Invasive Plastic Surgery Option


Plastic surgery can be a daunting option when it comes to changing your physical appearance. Programs on TV show the potentially harmful effects of surgery gone wrong. Newspapers and magazines sensationalize botched up plastic surgery jobs. But what many people don’t know is that plastic surgery doesn’t have to be invasive. There are plenty of options for treatments that will never see a needle or knife come anywhere near you. One of these methods is the little heard of strawberry laser treatments. This innovative, new treatment can see patients lose inches from their bodies without any pain. Sounds too good to be true, right? But it is true, and patients are raving about their positive experiences with the plastic surgery method.

What Is Strawberry Laser?

Strawberry laser uses sixty tiny lasers to pass through the skin. They melt fat particles beneath the surface of the skin. Your body reabsorbs the liquified fat and expels it as bodily waste. The treatment takes twenty minutes and will need to be repeated a few times for you to start seeing the positive effects. People require around eight to ten treatments. After the treatments, you’ll be able to see clear, measurable results. You will shed inches from your waist, thighs or other chosen, target areas.

Is It Safe?

Strawberry laser is completely non-invasive and is FDA approved. A professional plastic surgeon carries out the procedures. The results are realistic and gentle. You can expect to see a reduction of one to three inches per session. You won’t experience any pain throughout the entire process. It is a safe and sensible procedure with fewer side effects than other, better known plastic surgery options.

What Can I Expect To Happen?

The procedure is altogether stress-free. Before any treatment starts, you will have a consultation with a professional to discuss the treatment and recovery. Use this time to ensure that the surgeon knows exactly what you want from the treatment. Desired goals will be noted. There are four steps to the treatment itself.

  1. A member of staff will take starting measurements.You will be asked to relax and will be laid down on a table before treatment commences.

  1. Strawberry Laser paddles will be placed over your target areas. Each treatment area will take around ten minutes.

  1. After treatment, more measurements will be taken. This will show the results of the treatment session.

  1. You will then be led to a Whole Body Vibration Unit. You will stand on this for about ten minutes. This will help your body to rid itself of the liquified fat cells now in your system.


Will The Weight Stay Off?

Like any other weight loss technique, it is important to care for your body at the same time as working on it. The fat cells will be expelled from your body and are thus completely gone. However, you will have to take care not to allow your body to make new ones. It is suggested that you incorporate a healthy diet and exercise into your lifestyle to maintain your new body shape and weight.

Thursday, September 29, 2016

September Haul - Elf cosmetics , Sleek Makeup & #OvalBrushes

Its been a while since i did a haul post , honestly last few months had  been so dry . I was hardly buying anything new. But since now we have partially moved back to city , and have access to wifi (after like what .. 5 years) . I felt i needed a small haul to cheer me up. I ordered stuff from 
ELF Cosmetics Pakistan
La Viva Glam
and Buy Sell Swap (Pakistan)

Let's start with elf cosmetics, firstly i had no idea until few weeks ago that elf cosmetics have been officially launched in Pakistan and now have their own website. Cherry on top, their prices are amazing ,You don't feel like you are over paying for something which actually costs few dollars in states. I wanted to try the yellow powder for sooo  long but it was almost always out of stock on elf (USA) website and it was sold out in Pakistan. But after few days i read ELF Cosmetics Pakistan facebook status that there had been a restock update and jumped right up on the website and got me some goodies.
I oredred
  • ELF Baked Highlighter – Moonlight Pearl ₨ 695
  • ELF Shimmering Facial Whip – Golden Peach Rs 375
  • ELF High Definition Powder – Corrective Yellow ₨1,150
Then i got order confirmation email , then later text confirming that my order has been shipped. It was a cash on delievery . I had my stuff with me in two days. So overall a big thumbs up for doing a great job.

 I was on highlighter kick. I saw Jacklyn hill's ride or die makeup tag and she was raving about Sleek Makeup Solstice Highlighting Palette ,  I was sold . I searched facebook pages and found it instock at La Viva Glam . Which happens to be my absolute favorite page and owner is a good friend. I paid Rs.2700+shipping for this bab. The palette had four highlighter ( 3 powder and one cream). They’re designed as “highly pigmented metallic finishes” that give a “luminous sheen” on the “face and body.”

Last but not least , The hyped up #ovalbrushes. I paid rs 1900 (shipping included ) for set of five oval brushes with rose gold handles.I got them from a seller on a facebook group.

Swatches : 

Swatches L-R - Elf shimmering whip in golden peach , Elf baked highlighter in Moonlight pearl dry and on right wet.

Sleek Makeup Solstice Highlighting Palette swatch
Let me know if you would want to see  detailed review or a look on any of these products :)

Monday, September 26, 2016

Palmers Coconut Oil Formula Range - Review

Few weeks ago , i was fortunate enough to receive some of products from the Palmer's coconut oil formula range. I was generously asked to pick the range i wanted to review among olive oil,cocoa butter and coconut. My choice was clearly coconut because the scent of coconut hair products esp the oil brings back so many childhood memories. My mom used to massage my hair twice a week with pure coconut oil when i was a kid. I and my siblings are naturally blessed with thick hair and i don't remember , i ever had any hair related problems. The scent of coconut make me recall the times when i used to sit in front of my mom ,and she would lovingly massage my hair. Palmers Coconut Oil Formula Range smell exactly like pure coconut without exaggerating. It smells heavenly.

Palmer's Coconut Oil Formula products contain ethically and sustainably sourced Coconut Oil and Tahitian Monoï, infused with Tiaré flower petals. These raw, natural ingredients deeply hydrate, repair damage and give hair incredible shine. Palmer's Coconut Oil products strengthens hair at the roots, alleviating tightness and itch, and stimulating the scalp for healthy growth.

No Sulfates • No Parabens • No Phthalates • No Mineral Oil • No Gluten • No Dyes

Palmer's Coconut Oil Formla Coconut Oil Conditioning Shampoo & Repairing Conditioner 

I color my hair , well actually i have premature greys so i have to color my hair every 2-3 weeks and i am always on hunt for a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner.The duo is suited for anyone who have dry,damaged or color treated hair.
Palmer's Coconut Oil Formla Coconut Oil Conditioning Shampoo is a rich, creamy shampoo, free of sulfates and harsh detergents, that gently cleanses and removes buildup without stripping hair or interrupting its delicate moisture balance.Palmer's Coconut Oil Formula Coconut Oil Repairing Conditioner is a rich, creamy conditioner that instantly detangles and coats strands for silkier, shinier and easier to manage hair.
First of all why i think its worth trying is that it is sulfate free ,meaning its free of any harmful chemicals and it won't be harsh on skin and scalp. Despite being sls free, it does lather up nicely and i didn't need alot of product for my long hair so for the price , i think these are worth the price. After rinsing my hair were less frizzy , soft and manageable. But I was hoping that the coconut smell to linger a bit more though.I have straight hair and the conditioner made them very manageable and didn't weigh them down.

  • Price : Coconut Oil Formla Coconut Oil Conditioning Shampoo (Rs.550/-)& Repairing Conditioner (Rs.550/-)
  • Availability : , ,  ,Alfatah stores (Lahore , Islamabad ) ,Agha super market (Karchi ) , Ebco Karchi .

Palmer's Coconut Oil Formula Hair Polisher Serum

Hands down , this is one of my absolute favorite product from the bunch i got. This is Coconut Oil Formula Hair Polisher Serum .
Palmer's Coconut Oil Formula Coconut Oil Hair Polisher Serum is a shine boosting finishing serum that instantly tames frizz, adds high-definition gloss and makes hair feel like silk.
 The reason why i love it is because sometimes when i am in hurry and have no time to style my hair, after washing my hair , i let them air dry for 10-15 mins , meanwhile get dressed, put some makeup on , and then i put a little product on palm of my hands ,rub my hand together and quickly spread the products onto my hair , just like combing through with fingers. Then i brush my hair and good to go. What it does is that it gets rid of all the frizz , detangles and softens. So brushing is easy and makes them much more manageable. You need just a small amount . It can also be used on dry hair. So if you  have dry or wavy hair , i will highly recommenced Palmers Coconut Oil Hair Polisher Serum. A big thumbs up from me.

  • Price : Palmer's Coconut Oil Formula Coconut Oil Hair Polisher Serum (Rs.665/-)
  • Availability , ,  ,Alfatah stores (Lahore , Islamabad ) ,Agha super market (Karchi ) , Ebco Karchi .
Palmer's Coconut Oil Strong Roots Spray

My second favorite . I use this when i feel my hair is looking dry or dull and could use a little pick me up.
Palmer's Coconut Oil Formula Coconut Oil Strong Roots Spray is a refreshing scalp spray that strengthens hair at the roots, alleviating tightness and itch, and stimulating the scalp for healthy growth.
Just like we all use dry shampoo, The goal is to spray all of your roots. I just part my hair,spary ,then continue towards the back, taking sections one by one, then to the other side . The key is to keep it light handed. The end result is healthy looking hair with not so dry scalp. I have notice that my scalp felt less dry and less itchy.Its smells fantastic. The scent is blend of eucalyptus , mint and coconut . If you know me or have been reading my blog for a while , you'll know these are my favorite scents when it comes to hair ,bath and body products.It works as a leave in conditioner but better. It doesnt weigh hair down , not greasy and my hair smelled like mint :) yum

  • Price : Palmer's Coconut Oil Strong Roots Spray (Rs.460/-)
  • Availability : , ,  ,Alfatah stores (Lahore , Islamabad ) ,Agha super market (Karchi ) , Ebco Karchi .

Palmer's Coconut Oil Formula Replenishing Hair Milk

Palmer's Coconut Oil Formula Replenishing Hair Milk

Another gem from Palmer's coconut range .Palmer's Coconut Oil Formula Replenishing Hair Milk
Replenish dry, damaged hair with Palmer's® Coconut Oil Formula® Hair Milk.  This lightweight, non-greasy hair lotion penetrates deep, replacing natural essential oils.  Formulated with pure coconut milk and Vitamin E, Palmer's Coconut Oil Formula Hair Milk leaves hair soft with body, moisture and shine.
It doesnt feel stick. In fact its very lightweight . After washing my hair , i take a dollop , make sure not to go over board with it, as it can weighes down hair. I add some of it on damp hair ,and then rub it in from the roots to the tip, paying special attention to the ends . I felt it work better on damp hair but can be used on dry hair. It tames the frizeness, makes hair soft and supple looking . If you have curly hair, i think you will like this as much , after washing or even on dry hair, use the method above and scrunch the hair. Palmer's Coconut Oil Formula Replenishing Hair Milk will work on almost every type of hair .

  • Price : Palmer's Coconut Oil Formula Replenishing Hair Milk (Rs.650/-)
  • Availability : , ,  ,Alfatah stores (Lahore , Islamabad ) ,Agha super market (Karchi ) , Ebco Karchi . 
Overall I enjoyed using Palmers Coconut Oil Formula Range. My hair felt soft , clean and healthy. I was content knowing that these are SLS free and won't damage my hair and keep the scalp itch free and non drying. But if i have to recommend any two products from the range i will say go for  Palmer's Coconut Oil Formula Hair Polisher Serum and Palmer's Coconut Oil Strong Roots Spray . i absolutely loved them and i will happily repurchase them.

You can find more about Palmer's Pakistan at their facebook page and Instagram . There are complete list of stores that carry their product on their facebook page as well as product information.