Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Wicked Tips for the Ultimate Shopping Experience


Ladies love to shop; it’s a big part of who we are. Shopping experiences should be wonderful things that we enjoy and look forward to. But, this isn’t always the way it works out. A lot of the time you’re going to find that shopping trips can be stressful and chaotic. And that’s probably because you haven’t taken the time to plan them out properly.
On this post, I’m going to teach you everything that’s involved in the perfect shopping trip. These are all tips I want you to take on board. If you can take these suggestions into account, it should make the trip much more pleasant and memorable for everyone concerned.
  • Take Plenty of Cash

Shopping is not a cheap venture, and let’s be honest, we all know us girls can go a bit crazy sometimes! So it’s vital that you take plenty of cash out with you. The last thing you want it to run out midway through the shopping trip, and to have to cut your time short. Now, you might decide you don’t want to take cash, and you’d rather carry a credit card with you. This makes spending much simpler, but harder to regulate. Some women might decide cash is a better option, while others may go with credit cards. It depends on your personal preference.
  • Bring the Girls

No shopping trip would be complete without your girlfriends in tow. Make sure you all get-together and plan it out beforehand. You will need to pick a time when everyone is free, so you can make a day of it together. There’s nothing better than being able to bond with friends and do a bit of retail therapy at the same time. This helps make your shopping adventure more fun and interesting, as well as stopping you from getting bored or overwhelmed.
  • Who’s Driving?

There’s a good bet that you girls are going to want to take the car. You might be doing a lot of shopping, and you don’t want to be lugging bags back and forth on public transport. This can be a nightmare, and doesn’t exactly represent a fun time. So you should take a car so that you have somewhere to store the stuff and a comfortable lift home. Decide who’s driving before the day so there are no arguments.
  • Browse First

Once you arrive the first thing I would suggest you do is have a good browse. You will probably have some idea of the sorts of things you want to get. But, there’s no harm in browsing before you get into the shopping. Window shopping is something of a rite of passage for us ladies when we go shopping. It’s a nice transition into the shopping day and the calm before the storm.
  • Hit Your Favorite Stores

We all have favorite stores we love to shop in, and you should hit these ASAP. You’ll have an idea of what you want to buy so why not check out a store you trust? There’s also the benefit of having store cards for your favorite stores that will save you money. You might think about branching out and taking a look somewhere new later in the day. But, for now you need to make sure you stick with what you know and trust.
  • Shop the Sales

All stores will have some kind of sale on, and you should take advantage of this where you can. Shopping the sales is a brilliant way of unearthing some bargains and saving your valuable pennies. You might also find that a lot of sales are for clothes that are off-season. This allows you to pick up clothes for the summer or winter for much cheaper because they’re off-season. And it means you don’t have to buy them when the season rolls around.
  • Try Stuff On

One of the best parts of having all the girls together is that you get to try stuff on. You can model dresses, tops and shoes for one another. The girls can all give their opinions, and you can help each other pick the right outfits. Sometimes it can be difficult to judge how well something will suit you without trying it on. With the girls present you can try on everything that interests you, and they can give you feedback on them.
  • Stop for Lunch

A solid day of trotting around the high street going into all your favorite shops can be pretty tiring. This is something you can combat by taking a break for lunch midway through the day. Make sure you book somewhere in advance, as it’s likely to be busy. Having a nice, relaxing, leisurely lunch is a great way to break up the day. You can unwind, have a girlie catch up, and get some much-needed nutrition!
  • Always Buy Something

This might sound like a silly thing to suggest but bear with me! I always think it’s good to buy something when you go shopping. It’s doesn’t matter if it’s affordable beauty products, or a pair of shoes; just try to make sure you buy something. This will make you feel good and will ease the burden of an arduous shopping experience. Coming home empty handed will make you feel like you’ve wasted a day. So I think it’s good to make sure you always buy something.
  • Don’t Overspend

The key to a successful and enjoyable shopping experience is making sure you don’t break the bank. Now, as we all know, this can sometimes be a difficult thing to achieve. Of course, you can stick to the sales as I’ve already mentioned. You might also want to visit Discountrue for Kohl's coupons or Sears promo codes . But, the best thing to do would be to set yourself a budget, and try to stick to it. If you can do this, then you’ll be able to regulate what you spend, and you won’t be facing a massive credit card statement!

As you can appreciate, there is a lot involved in the shopping process. A lot of it is going to be enjoyable stuff, and you should always ensure you have your friends with you! Make sure you think about each of these points so you can enjoy the ultimate shopping experience.