Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Affordability

Valentine’s Day is a big event for love birds and people who want to adore their spouses, partners or soul mates. There are special arrangements for parties, dinners, and Valentine’s Day shopping. People spend a lot of money to buy gifts, flowers, chocolates and other items to wish their loved ones and to express their affectionate feelings to the loved one. This spending seems very attractive but in fact it costs a lot to many people as they are unable to afford expensive or exclusive gift items to wish their loved ones. For that matter, they save money especially to spend on this day on flowers, candies, dinner and run out of budget. Therefore, if you want to make your Valentine’s Day enjoyable and affordable as well, then you can do so with a little strategy to keep your budget in line.
If you go on general retail shops you will see many Valentine’s Day gifts that are attractive, alluring and very convincing to buy since you are have the need and would go beyond your limits to get the best gift no matter what it costs you. Although these gifts are very exclusive and appealing but you need to think wisely that what if you can extend your search a bit more and find some more adorable gifts that are less expensive and as appealing as these are. You can simply click here to see what is the latest collection of gifts this year for Valentine’s Day?

Get deals on Flowers 
Instead of buying flower bouquets from local retailers the best thing to do is search online to find flower shops that deliver flowers online. They also have special deals for such events like Valentine ’s Day. So you can simply get your favorite flowers bouquet online and get it delivered to the loved one with your special message card attached.
Find Terrific Valentine’s Day Coupons
There are many online retailers or even general retailers that bring special Valentine’s Day coupons for certain products and services. You can find such coupons on saloons, spa, clothing stores, restaurants and coffee shops. It is the best way to save money and spend wisely without any guilt.

Get special Deals on Restaurants
Many restaurants offer special deals on meals for Valentine’s Day and some especially host events where only couples are invited to enjoy their meal with each other in a special Valentine’s Day atmosphere.
Discounted Gifts Online
Nowadays finding gifts is not a crucial task anymore as many online retailers like Kaymu, are offering Valentine’s Day products at very affordable prices. These products have extensive range from perfumes, jewelry, shoes, bags to special Valentine’s chocolates, flowers, mugs and photo frames specially customized for Valentine’s Day.
You can find all the precious products at very affordable rates online whereas some online stores offer discount offers on their products to give spectacular purchase deals on this special day to celebrate your love.
Getting Valentine’s Day gifts online is the cheapest and smartest way to celebrate your love with affordability and also please your loved one without disturbing your budget.

Roots Laser Hair Removal- Interview with Mariam

Over the weekend I had the opportunity to do an interview with Mariam, a Technician from a laser hair removal clinic based in Birmingham known as Roots Laser Hair Removal.

Here are some of the questions I asked her…
Q1 – What is Laser Hair Removal?
Scientifically I could go on for hours explaining what it is, how it works, etcetera. But to save your readers from getting bored I will keep it simple.
Laser Hair Removal is the latest and best way to currently remove hair. Not only does it remove hair, the effects are permanent. It works by targeting the hair follicles which produce hair directly. A Laser beam of 808nm in wavelength is fired directly into the skin and damages/destroys the follicle. Once the follicle has been destroyed it will no longer produce hair.

Q2 – It sounds painful, Is it?
Well, this is an extremely common question. Laser hair removal is NOT painful if it is carried out by someone who is qualified, trained and knows exactly what they are doing. If the person who is carrying out the treatment does not know what they are doing, then it can be painful. At Roots Laser Hair Removal, all of our staff are qualified and trained, therefore the treatment is pain free. We have some specific routines and practices we follow to minimize and eliminate pain.

Q3 – How many sessions do I need, how long will it take and is it expensive?
We advise having 6 sessions to see great results. Each session is done every 4 weeks. So 6 sessions will last 6 months. The time the actual session will take depends on the area being treated. Full face for example takes around 40 minutes whereas Full legs can take around an hour.
Pricing is something that we at Roots try to keep affordable; our treatments start from as low as £30 and range all the way up to £1495 depending on how much of the body you would like to treat and how many sessions you would like to have.

Thanks for that Mariam. I’m sure my readers will appreciate the question and answer session and hopefully we have all learnt something from this!
If you have any other questions, you can find Roots on their website at www.rootslaser.co.uk and contact them directly. I’m sure they can help.