Thursday, October 15, 2015

Shiseido New Autumn Winter 2015 Makeup Look

AW’15 Look

Shiseido New Autumn Winter 2015 Makeup Look

2015: This look is composed by:
  • Full Lash Volume Mascara
  • Full Lash Serum
  • Perfect Rouge (4 new shades)
  • Shimmering Cream Eye Color (4 new shades)

  1. Full Lash Volume Mascara

A volume on-demand mascara that allows you to control the volume, to best suit you and your day. Leaves lashes looking full and thick, but with a super soft touch.

Recommended to:
  • Those who want full voluminous lashes with curl
  • Those who want to adapt the volume depending on their needs
  • Those who want to touch up volume on the go

How to use:
  • Place the curved edge of the brush against lash root and hold for a few seconds
  • Brush up and away from you to add volume and fan out lashes
  • For dynamic effect, repeat to reach required volume
  • Use the tip of the brush to reach corner and bottom lashes

  • Uses world-first brush technology that makes reaching even the smallest lashes easy to achieve
  • Resistant to water and oil, to prevent smudging and maintain a beautiful volume finish all day
  • Regardless of how many coats you apply, lashes stay soft, supple and do not clump
  • Adaptable volume that can be touched up on the go
  • Easily removed with warm water

Available Shades: Black and Brown
Available: September 15th
AED 154

  1. Full Lash Serum

A serum that promotes growth and thickness of eyelash and eyebrow hair. Makes lashes look beautifully rich, glossy, thick and long; makes brows look fuller and more defined.

Recommended to:
  • Those who have short and fine eyelashes
  • Those who have sparse eyelashes
  • Those who want to thicken and lengthen lashes
  • Those who want to have full and defined brows
  • Those who have sparse eyebrow hair

How to use:
  • Apply morning and evening after your skincare routine
  • FOR EYELASHES: Apply to lash roots by gently gliding applicator from outer to inner corner, on both upper and lower lash line
  • Apply to lashes using the flat side of the applicator, gliding gently from lash root to lash tip
  • FOR BROWS: Apply to brow roots using the tip of the applicator NB: when applying to both lash and brow, apply to lash first. Before inserting tip back into the tube, wipe gently with a tissue

  • Supports the lash and brow hair cycle to increase length and volume
  • Conditions lash and brow hair, to promote healthy looking eyelash and brows
  • Helps repair damage sustained through aggressive makeup removal and over plucking of brows

Available: September 15th
AED 206

  1. Shimmering Cream Eye Color

A shimmering cream to powder mono eye color, with intense jewel like shimmer and reflection, gives brilliant color and shine that lasts all day without creasing or fading.

Recommended to:
  • Those who have dryer lids and want a cool moist sensation that blends easily and smoothly
  • Those who prefer a dewy smooth texture
  • Those who want a long-lasting water resistant and crease proof finish

How to use:
  • Apply with fingertips directly to the eyelid
  • Overlay color for more intense effect
  • Use tip of a brush to apply to lid corners or lash line

  • Smoothes on like a cream but settles perfectly on lids like a powder
  • Long-lasting and crease resistant (16hrs)
  • Fresh and cool sensation when applied
  • Excellent moisturizing benefits
  • Jewel like color and radiance, to brighten dull skin tones
  • Color maintains a freshly applied look

Shades available:
  • BE728 Clay
  • VI730 Garnet
  • BR731 Kitsune
  • GR732 Binchoton

Available: September 15th
AED 169

  1. Perfect Rouge

A creamy lipstick that provides intense moisture and treatment effect, with all day color and radiance
  • For those who want perfect color and perfect care, in a lipstick ideal for everyday use

  • Extend lipstick directly to the lips or use a lip brush for more defined application
  • Use lip liner to emphasize or correct the contour of the lips

  • Rich color with silky radiance
  • All day hydration to treat dry or damaged lips
  • Provides glamorous full lip effect
  • Smoothes on easily to disguise, lines and roughness

Available: September 15th
AED 162

Store Locator: Available in major department stores and perfumeries in the UAE, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman and Saudi Arabia in Paris Gallery , Bloomingdales, Faces, Sephora, Debenhams, Vavavoom,etc… 

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