Saturday, October 17, 2015

Bourjois : Fuchsia Mania Collection

Bourjois Fuchsia Mania

The Parisian's dress code for the autumn of 2015 is enhanced by an it-shade that will boost all looks: Fuchsia! Daring and impertinent elegance. A sophisticated and assertive stance!
With its Fuchsia Mania collection, Bourjois offers 4 versions of fuchsia from bluish reds to purples, from the most natural shades to the most flamboyant hues. 4 new shades and 4 highlighted ones,a total of 8 shades to beautify all women's lips - 

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A collection consisting of 4 fuchsia families in 8 shades and 2 finishes on the lips!
·     Matte finish with 4 Rouge Edition Velvet for a velvet effect.
The Bourjois +: 24 hour hold

·     A bright satin finish with 4 Rouge Edition for an assertive feminine look
The Bourjois + : an incredible melting texture and 10 hour hydration

Bourjois Fuchsia Mania

Ultra-modern false reds for a bright vibrant smile
Rouge Edition Velvet n°13 Fu(n)chsia (NEW) and Rouge Edition n°41 Pink catwalk (NEW)


Subtle with exotic accents, these fuchsias flirt with yellow and pink,
and arouse passion!
Rouge Edition Velvet n°05 Olé flamingo and Rouge Edition n°42 Fuchsia sari (NEW)


Ultimate, uncompromising fuchsias, bold and always sophisticated!
Rouge Edition Velvet n°06 Pink pong and Rouge Edition n°07 Fuchsia graffiti


Dark and deep shades, for undeniably sensual make-up, offering evocative and assertive seduction!
Rouge Edition Velvet n°14 Plum plum girl (NEW) and Rouge Edition n°18 Violine strass

Opt for a bold Mix & Match on the lips! 

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