Sunday, September 13, 2015

Long Formal Dresses -

My weekends starts with a hot cup of chai latte and a good book and ends with me being a coach potato , watching either Indian dance shows or some Hindi dubbed super entertaining south Indian movies. So last night I was watching a show where Salman khan was a guest along with two of new Bollywood faces. I was so mesmerized with the new heroine Athiya Shetty’s height and the beautiful. Backless dresses she has been supporting gracefully in most of her TV appearances. Since I am a shopaholic, one thing lead to another, I started searching for backless formal dressesAs usual I was hooked to but I since I am a plus size ,I prefer sites which offer sizes for curvy women , no matter even if I am window e- shopping. I prefer a store which not only for regular sizes but also for plus sized women likes me but there is also a big variety to designs to choose from. 

My search ended with long formal dresses Australia, being offered at . I saw few designs which instantly caught my eyes. has started way back in 2013. 
Since then, The Company has already focused on creating formal dresses, wedding gowns Australia, costumes, jewelry and other made goods. The company specializes in producing evening dresses, wedding dresses or gowns, embroidery and a lot of good products which can be customized based on specific requirements. They also offer the same price as lowest as possible to our clients whoever and wherever they are.

They carry some trendy & exclusive designs at pocket friendly prices.
I am going to share my top few favorites, honestly it was so hard to pick few since most of designs are eye catching and they have some really beautiful long gowns with some stunning details like sequins, drapes, patterns, & chiffon.

Do you fancy long princess gowns like i do ? Afterall we all are princess in our own worlds :)


  1. These look absolutely stunning! I love long flowy gowns so muc <3

  2. ETA for producing the item is 2-3 weeks followed by shipping. It is now 5/5/2015 and they have yet to figure out when the item will be shipped. I have contacted them multiple times and it is as if they do not understand English. They can't give me a date of shipment or where the dress is. I can't ever get a concrete response from them. I have asked them for refund but have not been able for their customer service to even acknowledge that I asked for it.

    This is ridiculous. Never order from them, ever. Extremely unprofessional.The dress was shpped from chind.It is a chinese company.


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