Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Essence eyebrow gel & Essence precise brush - Review

Essence eyebrow gel brown– colour & shape

I first spotted these at AL Fatah (D.H.A) in mid-May, I was in rush so I didn’t stop to get one although I dreamed about them later. These are a great alternative to the ABH dip brow at a fraction of the cost.

Essence eyebrow gel - colour and shape! perfectly emphasize and shape your brows without any stickiness with the eyebrow gel. the gel has a pleasant powdery finish and offers long-lasting results. especially easy to apply with the essence precise eyeliner brush

Price: 560/PKR
Availability: In Pakistan Essence is available online at just4girls.pk and daraz.pk  as well as in all leading stores .In USA its available at Ulta (instore & online)

I am certainly enjoying the Essence eye brow gel. It is quick and easy product to fill in your eyebrows using the precise angled brush by essence.It gives me more natural looking eyebrows. The texture is gel/wax sand more on the sheerer side and it’s not at creamy as ABH dip brow if we may compare and so it needs little more blending with a spoolie. If you are new to the eyebrow game, this is will be your best friend , because it is easy on pocket and since it isn’t insanely pigmented, you have to build up the color that makes it easy to forgive if you made a wrong stroke ;)  Its not quite waterproof or smudge proof so It comes off easily if you wash your face or using makeup remover wipes/liquids.I use ABH clear brow gel at the end to set it and it does make it last longer. It's buildable,affordable and looks natural. 

Essence eyebrow gel brown– colour & shape

Essence eyebrow gel brown– colour & shape

Essence eyebrow gel brown
Swatches L-R , Essence brow gel Brown,ABH dipbrow Chocolate
Before & After Essence brow gel in brown.

As you can see from the before & after photo above that eyebrow gel gives a natural but defines look. I use the Essence precise eyeliner brush, run it through the gel, I start applying at the top in upward strokes, going towards center and then the bottom.

Essence precise eyeliner brush  -perfection! an improved version of the original gel eyeliner brush. super accurate, this eyeliner brush is suitable for the application of gel eyeliners as well as creamy eyeshadow or expressive pigments. comes in a practical pouch with a side opening for easier removal of the brush. 

Price: Approx 280/PKR
Availability: In Pakistan Essence is available online at just4girls.pk and daraz.pk  as well as in all leading stores .In USA its available at Ulta (instore & online)

Let’s take a moment to appreciate the beauty of this brush, shall we? The brush is indeed very adorable looking with the floral print on the mint body. This is perfect to fill in eyebrows,eyeliner no matter you are doing winged liner , pinup,Arabic, cat eyes, dramatic or keeping it simple everyday. The angles brush draw razor thin lines to bold dramatic thick lines.I am mainly using it for the eyebrows ,it makes brows so easy to do. I own regular essence angled brush which i use with my gel liners.This comes with an amazing price ,easy to wash & clean,no shedding or bleeding of bristles, and the pouch makes it easier to carry it for vacations or travelling .

A match made in heaven , I keep reviewing essence products and i keep insisting you all to go and check them out. They keep coming out with some amazing affordable products. Not everyone can have a heart to spend $20 on a dipbrow , so essence eyebrow gel is a great alternative and the brush is a beauty. It is pretty and so multi tasker.


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  2. looks great! will try it out soon! :)


  3. thanks sarah, i was really on a hunt for a budget friendly brow gel :) will definately give it a try


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