Monday, August 18, 2014

Sweet Touch Oriental Kajal Review ,Swatch & EOTD

Sweet Touch Oriental Kajal
I gotta admit one thing that Pakistani cosmetics brands are putting more ohmph into their game. I have been impressed with how they send customized care packages to bloggers now and the effort they put into the packaging is outstanding. A big applause to sweet touch PR for that. I was send a care package few weeks ago which had a lipstick, nail polish & Sweet Touch Oriental Kajal Pencil.
Being a true kaja-a-holic, the sweet touch kajal pencil was the first thing I started using. 
Sweet touch Oriental Kajal gives smokey and sensuous outline that spellbinds every eye

Sweet Touch Oriental Kajal-swatches & applied 

It comes in a black chubby small chubby pencil; you will need a sharpener for this once the top goes flat. The pencil is small , and comes with a clear cap. The size makes it easier to throw it in your everyday makeup bag. The pencil is soft and creamy, you need only two swipes to get intense look effortlessly. It glides pretty smoothly without ant tugging or dragging . Once applied the kajal is intense and true black.I am so excited that it is jet black,because some kajal end up looking little grey. My preferred way to use it that i swipe it on my waterline 2-3 lines and  if i am in mood then blend a little on the lower lash line for bit of smokey look . As a kajal it stayed upto 2.5-3hours on me , which is pretty decent considering the humid weather these days.It lasts even longer on lowerlashline, it stayed there even after i had washed my face. So the staying power is pretty decent.The shape might be a problem for some, since it has a chubby tip,which is better if you want thick line,smoked out look etc.
And i have been using it for more than 2 weeks and i haven't had any irritation. Since it is in pencil form and creamy, one can easily use it as kajal or an eyeliner, though i still need to use it as an eyeliner. 
Sweet Touch Oriental Kajal Pencil 
Sweet Touch Oriental Kajal
Sweet Touch Oriental Kajal

PriceSweet touch oriental kajal costs approx. Pkr 270/
AvailabilitySweet touch oriental kajal is available at all makeup city outlets and leading stores nationwide
Overall: I have grown fond of this little fella .The kajal is creamy, applies effortlessly and it’s a dark matte black that goes on smoothly without tugging. It gives a lot of color in just a two  swipes.The staying power for the waterline is quite impressive .It fades away without giving panda eyes.Since it needs sharpening , the product wastage during sharpening is bit of a con! The sweettouch pencils are one of the best ,affordable and easily available in Pakistan. If you are a kajal-a-holic like me, DO NOT forget to this .