Sunday, November 2, 2014


More luscious, more generous and more intuitive than ever, the new BB Cream compact by UNE delivers its multiple benefits in an OPTIMIZED version of the original that has already achieved CULT status! 


The BB CREAM spirit?

It’s entrusting your complexion and your skin to a multi-purpose product that does everything good… and better!

It’s loving being BETTER while being YOURSELF,
It’s enhancing YOUR natural beauty using natural MEANS,
It’s opting for SIMPLE techniques and EASE of application.
The BB CREAM MAX spirit?

BB Cream Max is makeup with a tremendous amount of skincare! 3 reasons to love them: They help reinforce the intercelluar cement to slow water evaporation in the upper layers of the skin.
They nourish the skin and provide it with great comfort.
8 hours of moisturization
Ceramides rich in omega 9.

The BB Cream Max procures a delectable feeling of comfort and well-being on the skin.Beneficial shea butter & jojoba oil. Teamed in BB Cream Max, they foster moisturization, nourish and balance the skin with an extremely pleasant supple, stretch formula.
Beeswax and organic carnauba. These rich and generous waxes are used together because they have different melting points, which increases their affinity with the skin.
A mineral sunscreen in a makeup product is a means of maintaining a fresh complexion and youthful skin to fight against the appearance of age spots!
This protective sunscreen of natural origin that remains at the surface, offers the skin mechanical and natural protection by reflecting the solar spectrum (and not by absorbing UVs like chemical filters).
In BB Cream Max, it is perfectly micronized to form an invisible protective veil with no mask effect.
From diffuse redness to dilated pores, not to mention those annoying little blemishes, BB Cream Max wipes away anything that might ruin the impression of a naturally bright complexion with no opacifying talc. Through a balanced combination of special colour pigments that even out tone while respecting skin transparency.

Simplify makeup techniques, save time, achieve a dazzlingly radiant and natural complexion…BB Cream Max is a daily pleasure every woman can enjoy.
From morning makeup to little touch-ups throughout the day, you even out here, conceal there where necessary, intuitively. It’s simple, it’s easy, it’s universal, it’s UNE.

A product that saves busy women time, offers them the freedom of choosing how to use it, and helps them achieve the complexion they want is already a sign of respect.
At that to the fact that 100% of the total ingredients are of natural origin (14% produced by organic farming), and Ecocert certification proving that the cosmetic “footprint” of BB-Cream Max is as soft on skin as it is on the planet…


100% of the total ingredients are of natural origin

14% of the total ingredients are produced by organic farming

BB Cream Max obeys your finger, the Kabuki brush and… the sponge.
For 3 different makeup finishes.

Finger: photoshop effect
Intuitively using the fingertip, apply BB Cream Max only to areas that require slight correction.

Kabuki brush: a soft veil
For days when you want to “soften” your complexion as if seen through a veil, the brush is perfect.MAXIMUM ADVANTAGES… BB “Creamers” UN(E)ITE!
The BB CREAM spirit?

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