Monday, October 20, 2014

Imran Khan Stole/Scarf -

Its almost fall/winters here and i love this weather, hot beverages, warm fuzzy clothes,and absolutely love winter accessories from fuzzy socks,gloves,and also scarves. Its not necessary that you only have to wear western clothes to rock it . There are so many different ways you can make a scarf work according to your outfit of the day. Like If we love carrying bags everyday , so tie a scarf into a bag,add it your hair as fancy head wrap, or just simple give a boho look by tying it loosely to your pony tail or use as bandana ,Add flair to a simple outfit by draping a large, scarf over your shoulders.It can also used as a tiny cape,with a scarf draped gently over your shoulders. 

Now Lets talk about this trendy IK stole. When it comes to politics i am the last person in my family who would participate in any ongoing political discussion but i am partial when it come to Imran khan or heck Salman khan ;) 
I was super thrilled to get this  very trendy IK stole, The material is malai lawn and the length is pretty long so you can wear it in different styles.It is indeed a fashion statement . It is available is two colors Red and green. 
Imran Khan Stole-Every revolution was a first thought in one man's mind. Celebrate Pakistan's youth revolution with this Imran Khan stole, and definitely show your love, respect and support for your favorite leader.

Price & Availability : Imran Khan stole is available at ,It is by Iconic apparel which is exclusively available at this site. The price for Imran Khan stole is PKR 1500/- and shipping takes 2-3 working days.


  1. I am not an IK fan but the stole looks very trendy :)

  2. That's look beautiful, i already own PTI cap and would love to have this stole :)


  3. PTI cap and all shorts available at


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