Wednesday, September 3, 2014

What a girl wants, What a girl needs!

What a girl wants, what a girl needs Is a question one should never ask! Why? Oh!!  I see, so you are a curious one I assume. Because once you ask this question there will be replies beyond your imagination. You know my friend asked  me this same question last night and it made me think , what I really , REALLY want or need right now ?

These are top five on my list :

  • A Trip Abroad – Travelling is in my blood. My dad has seen almost the entire world, so has my sibling .For me I have been to only few countries, recent was trip to India last year with my best friend. Now it’s been a while and my feet are itching. I want to go to some place historical, some place with breath taking natural beauty/ astonishing view, and some place I can do little shopping( shopping is my hobby). On top my list, I have UK, and then Italy. I would love to go to USA again but I have also thought about Canada or Hawaii but maybe next year ;)
  • Shopping trip to Sephora/ULTA/MAC/Walgreens:  Le Sigh! I feel my last trip was unfortunately short that it never made my soul truly happy. And I never got to say my good byes properly; yeah I need at least couple of more trips there.I mean I was in such hurry that I hardly spend 15 min and I never got to cross off list I had for years. So I want to fulfill this dream of mine one day. I want to spend hours roaming inside Sephora and not to be disturbed.
  • A Designer Bag/Watch: A Rebecca Minkoff  in brown , and a MK watch . I just got my MK Selma few days ago and I am sooo thrilled. I can barely wait to flaunt it. But you know I have so many big spacious bags, now I need a cute compact one and I feel Rebecca Minkoff one is perfect.Michael Kors 'Large Runway' Rose Gold Watch ! yes ! You're on the List! You will be mine one day. and that day is not too far away.
  • Eat my way to fabulous skin:  I have read somewhere that “The secret to healthier hair and glowing skin? It's not in your makeup case. It's in your diet’. When it comes to healthy-looking skin, what you put in your body may matter more than what you put on it. I am happy the way I look but I want a toned body. So I have started eating healthy,lemon water in the morning, drink green tea, avoid carbs, fried food and started yoga,going for a walk +exercise.This summer I noticed I have become bit more tanned  ,more skin spots,,and let’s be honest I am not getting younger ,so taking care of my skin and my diet is on top of my list these days. I am planning to invest in another Clarisonic Replacement Brush Head. I already have deep pore cleansing and sensitive one.Any recommendation ???
  • A million dollar: To be able to afford all of the above, I definitely need million(S).  HAHA !!

Are you a dreamer like me? Do you have wishlists ? We should never stop dreaming no matter how much  irrational, impossible, or silly those dreams are.


  1. Wow exactly every girl's fascination jotted down :D plan a trip to Spain if u want to b somewhere historical!

    1. Yes! Spain will be totally amazing.its on my bucket list too

  2. Travel is all I want to do all the time...
    Got that watch last month too..Its stunning Yes
    Yay..lubly post..check out mine too

  3. This the sweetest Post...reminded me a bit of my New Year post hehe
    Enjoyed it thoroughly <3
    Red Alice

  4. I want to visit Egypt at least once in my life :)
    Best luck for ur wishes.
    sahar blogs


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