Sunday, May 4, 2014

Brush Review: e.l.f. Essential/Professional Total Face Brush

e.l.f. Essential/Professional Total Face Brush

E.L.F is famous for its easy on pocket prices for makeup products/accessories. One of my HG brush for applying liquid foundation is ELF flat top brush (powder brush) from their $3 brush range. I never found the basic white packaging of elf essential $1 line attracted enough to draw my attention . But recently I have had a chance to use e.l.f. Essential/Professional Total Face Brush. Lets find out what I have to say about it J
e.l.f. Essential/Professional Total Face Brush Soft, caressing bristles allow for soothing application of facial and bronzing powders. The Total Face Brush features full, slightly tapered bristles to contour the face and help build gorgeous coverage as needed. Great for quick full-face touchups!
Like all e.l.f. makeup products , e.l.f. professional makeup brushes are vegan and cruelty free.  E.L.F cosmetics claims that this brush has caressing bristles !!? , but my experience was so different. The bristles are scratchy and felt so uncomfortable when i started using the brush. I have been using it for almost a month and washed it 2-3 times , they softened a bit but still no where as soft as i usually like my makeup brushes. The brush has tapered bristles, and picks up product easily .If it was little bit more dense i would have like it better,The
brush is big enough to use all over face to dust finishing powder or you can use with bronzer.

e.l.f. Essential/Professional Total Face Brush-review
e.l.f. Essential/Professional Total Face Brush

e.l.f. Essential/Professional Total Face Brush  has nice shape and works well if we forget about the scratchy bristles. It picks up powder nicely and dries pretty fast. The brush can build powder coverage to med-full depending upon your application and you can use it for bronzers all over face during summers. 
If i consider the price in American dollars then this brush is a steal for those who are just starting with makeup as this  brush gets the job done but honestly there are much better option ,lets say elf studio range is exceptionally good and RT brushes are little pricier but they are my absolute favorite.The essential brush line is not all bad, their shadow brushes are one of best sellers and i love using it. 

If you want to try this , I will recommend wait for elf sales/promotions and get it when it elf gives out special offers like Pick 10 free essential brushes + get a $5 gift card, with a at least $25 purchase or Google the  latest deals for elf cosmetics. If you are in Pakistan , you will have to pre order elf cosmetics stuff .For products like and You can check out BRAND HUB facebook page. They cater in USA/UK brands at affordable prices. They also have some real delicious products in thier instock items,Check out their instock albums to pick what you like. 

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  1. I love their studio brushes! This one looks really good for blush and bronzers

  2. Nice review dear.....xoxoxo....^_^

  3. mmm that ombre brush is a beauty..:)


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