Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Everyuth Naturals Exfoliating Walnut Scrub Review

I have dry skin, but to be honest in winters I get less skin problems but I love winters, with the wintery chilly winds, my skin tends to get little bit extra dry and it needs extra attention and TLC. It’s important to make sure you exfoliate in winter. There are different types of exfoliation products, some contain fruit seeds (apricot scrubs), some of them contain nut shells (walnut scrubs .They all work differently, some are mild. Some are more abrasive. So choose one which suits your needs.  If your facial skin is sensitive, avoid using harsh scrubs, peels, or masks.
I remember when I was in college, Everyuth orange peel off mask was something new, and everyone went crazy over it. But then it totally disappeared from market. There was this one shop In liberty which used to sell Indian skincare stuff. But now they are back and this time, easily available nationwide
When I spotted Everyuth products at my local store a month ago, I bought Everyuth Natural exfoliating walnut scrub and orange peel. Today i will review Everyuth Naturals Exfoliating Walnut Scrub

New Everyuth Naturals Exfoliating Walnut Scrub has natural Walnut Shell Particles and Nano Multi-Vita. Natural Walnut Shell particles exfoliate dead skin cells and skin impurities which may block pores and may cause balckheads and whiteheads. Nano Multi-Vita helps in nourishing and revitalising the skin, leaving your skin clean, clear and beautiful.
I have been using it twice weekly; It is no doubt one hardcore exfoliator surely not for everyday use. After using it my skin feels super soft, smooth, and I did notice that whiteheads/black heads noticeably reduced. .I never faced any irritation or breakouts. The key is to use this scrub gently, if used vigorously may cause discomfort and irate the sensitive skin.  The walnut scrubs are bit harsher and abrasive then apricot scrubs, so if you have sensitive skin, try the smaller tube. This scrub comes in three sizes 50g, 100g and 200g. Most of the Everyuth skincare products came in two sizes, trial and full size which I think is so much better because this way you get to try out different products. It does have a very sweet smell. I personally don’t mind it but If you have extra-sensitive, allergy-prone skin,Avoid using this scrub.The texture is creamy, spread easily and rinses off easily.This doesn't leave my skin feeling tight but i prefer using a moisturizer after exfoliating

Price: Everyuth natural walnut scrub comes in three sizes Rs140/50g Rs340/100g and Rs580/200g
Availability: Local shops,
Internationally - check Indian shop or eBay
Selection: Everyuth natural walnut scrub comes in two sizes 100g and 200g

Overall: I bought Everyuth exfoliating walnut scrub in 50g for approx. Rs140 at a local store. Who doesn’t want to keep their skin radiant, youthful and glowing in gloomy winter months? This is affordable, travel friendly facial scrub which does what it claims. My skin feels smoother and moisturized afterwards. . I think this is a good facial scrub, Of course get a smaller size so you'll know if it works for you.

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