Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Everbuying 24 Piece Professional Makeup Brush Set with Travel Case - Review

Is there anything like too many makeup brushes?? But with dufferent brands, countless brush sets availability and deciding which makeup brushes to add to your collection can sometimes be difficult & tricky.
Today i am going to review this budget friendly 24 piece brush set which comes with in a Roll-up Leather Case. The brush set was individually packaged and the brushes were protected by a plastic.The brushes come with wooden handles (with Bobbi brown name printed on them) and there are two different types of brush bristles natural animal hair and synthetic fibers.

The 24 piece brush set Includes:
1 × 24 in 1 Professional Cosmetic Makeup Brush Set
1 × Roll-up Leather Case
Large Fan brush,Small fan brush,Powder brush,Angled contour brush,blush brush,Foundation brush
Large eyeshadow brush,medium eyeshadow brush,pencil brush,angled blending brush,small blending brush,small pencil brush,smudge brush.
eye-shadow shader brush,angled shading brush,concealer brush, Small flat eyeshadow brush, Smudge brush,eyeliner brush,small angled flat brush,angled eyeliner brush & lip brush .
brow comb/brush,spoolie,sponed tip eyeshadow applicator
24-Piece Professional Makeup Brush Set with Travel Case
Travel Case
 This brush set comes with possibly with all the brush you will need ever,except maybe a fluffy eye-shadow blending brush. Lets start with the face brushes. I was bit disappointed with the quality of blush,powder and angled contour brush, they shed alot and bristle hair are sticking out most of time,resulting leaving these brush hair on the face. They aren't the soft and bit scratchy.  But on the other hand the large fan brush is amazing , i use it for applying highlighter, The flat foundation brush and the small fan brush are pretty decent. Now the fun part, the small brushes which are in my opinion highlight of this big brush set, There are so many types of eye-shadow brushes,different sizes,different hair, and i love them. They are soft , blend easily. They dont shed ,atleast not yet. The quality of this brush set is 50-50, if i have to rate it solely on the eye-makeup brush i might have given it 8.5/10 but since face brushes are essential tool.Keeping in mind the cost and quantity of the product, you really cant compare them with high-end brush sets like sigma,crown brushes,Real techniques but lets be honest one RT brush will cost you more than this whole set. 
I love using the eyeshadow brushes and i think i wont be buying eyemakeup brushes any time in future, I particularly like the small pencil brush,angled blending brush, the small angled eyeliner brush, and really they work as good as my coastal scents & luscious brushes.

Do i recommend it ? you really cant compare them with high-end brush sets like sigma,crown brushes,Real techniques but lets be honest one RT brush will cost you more than this whole set. I do like the smaller brushes like eye shadow ones, concealer, the big fan brush , but on the other hand i am not fan of other face brushes in this set. This set will be good investment for those who are just starting with makeup and want to try out different brushes since there are alot of multitasking brushes in this set.
Price & Availability : The 24-Piece Professional Makeup Brush Set with Travel Case is available at for $14.80/approx PKR1561 (originally $17.76).
everbuying is a wholesaler website which ship internationally and shipping is free, 


  1. Wow with so many brushes and a leather case this seems so affordable.. :)

  2. 24 brushes in only 14.80 dollars.....not a bad deal....xoxoxo....:)

  3. Thanks for the post i like all the brushes they all are different. I'll surely be getting some of them in the near future :)

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