Monday, January 6, 2014

All About BB, CC & DD Creams

When we thought we have had enough of BB creams, there come CC & DD creams. If you haven’t heard about BB creams, then my friend you have been living under the rock .But fear not today we will talk our heart out and discuss what this BB/CC/DD cream craze is all about. When BB creams took the international market by storm, then no later we started seeing CC creams. And now, DD creams. Basically these are all in one product, containing Sun protection. Redness control, Acne fighting agents, coverage, antioxidants and so on. Sephora says BB and CC creams are the fastest-growing beauty category in all their stores.

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  1. Read it. Great research :) I didn't even know a DD had come out. Now I'm waiting for an EE :D possibly meaning Eye Enlighter and comes with a torch attached :D


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