Sunday, January 12, 2014

6 Best Black Eyeliners under Rs.1000

Eyeliner is commonly used as a daily make up routine to define the eyes. From ancient times black eyeliner has played a significant role any makeup look. Eyeliner can be used to achieve different looks like if applied correctly smaller eyes can look wide and vice versa. You can use black eyeliner in many different ways like on upper lashes or below lower lashes or both, even you can skip kajal and use a pigmented soft waterproof eye pencil on the water lines. If you want to make your lashes look naturally thick, one of my personal favorite trick is tight lining, tight lining is the use of eye liner tight against the water line under the lashes of the upper lid. 

We all love a bargain, Knowing that there are limitless choices, I will make it little easier for you to narrow down your search for best black eyeliner. You can pick any of these and one of these black eyeliners will make it easier for you to create any look - from subtle to smoldering.

Here are some of my picks for best black eyeliner under Rs1000

  • Art deco soft eyeliner waterproof 10-black ( Rs 690/-
  • Bourjois contour clubbing waterproof 48-atomic-black ( Rs 800/-
  • Catrice gel eyeliner 010 Black Jack with Jack Black (beautyarena.pkRs 750/
  • Milani liquid eye liquid like eyeliner pencil (Just4girls.pkRs 965/-
  •  Essence liquid waterproof eyeliner ( Rs 440/-
  •  Avon super shock gel eyeliner pencil (Avon representative/Iram lilani facebook page) Rs750/-

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  1. Lovely! surprisingly i havent tried any of these! will check them out :)

  2. Nice picks.. I wanna try the catrice gel liner soon... :)

  3. Loveee your picks Sara! I just ordered the Jordana one...I think itll be the same as the Milani once since they are from the same manufacturing company


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