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12 Piece Professional Makeup Brushes - Purple [Review]

Makeup brushes are very important in any makeup routine, and it can't get any more girlish /feminine than purple/pink brush sets. The purple brush set i have is super pretty and i love that they add splash of color to my brush collection. The set i am reviewing today is called 12pcs Professional Cosmetic Makeup Brush Set with Bag Purple

Is it difficult for you to select professional makeup brushes for different purposes? This cosmetic makeup brush will solve your problem. It contains different brushes for your various needs. Buying this makeup brush set is much more economical than buying different brushes separately. The makeup brush set is so compact and portable that you can carry it when you are travelling or on a trip. With soft and superior material, it is comfortable and easy to use. It is good choice for each wise consumer.
This set of 12 professional makeup brush set from Tmart comes with 3 face brushes and 8 eye brushes and 1 lip brush.They come in a patent faux leather brush roll in purple which is soft and travel friendly. The brushes had plastic covers on them , they came safely packed in a padded envelope. I always wash my new makeup brushes before i start using them, this is a persona choice but i will insist all of you to start practicing this ritual too. So before washing they did had faint plastic kind of smell.But now they smell just fine. They didn't shed. Well, usually synthetic brush don't shed.Synthetic brushes are best suited for cream or liquid products like concealer or foundation because they soak up less product than natural hair

Fan Brush,Powder Brush & Blush Brush

Face Brushes: This kit has 3 face brushes, Powder,blush & a Fan brush. These are probably the most favorite of mine in the set and most used ones .The powder and blush brushes are super soft and dense enough to apply the product easily and blends beautifully. The fan brush is not very dense and I use this brush to swipe away fall out after doing the eye makeup.
Large rounded eyeshadow brush.Small rounded eyeshadow brush,Smudge brush,Small sconcealer brush

Eyes Brushes : There are total of 8 brushes of eyes . I have shown 4 in the photo ; Lets start with Left to right ,All of them are flat and includes no blending brush. I used the larger rounded flat brush for concealers. The large flat head works well with creamy concealer and works fine under-eyes or else.The second small rounded flat brush from left works well if you want to pack on eye shadow on the lid . It also can be used with cream eye shadow base or eye primers. The smudge brush is the one i use to highlight inner eyes, this reaches smaller areas easily,and also smudging out liners on the lower lashline or you . The last one is perfect to define eyebrows . These brushes might be little too stiff, and lack some essential ones like i already mentioned blending and a pencil brush.

Lip brush, Eyeliner brush,Dual sided brow/lash brush,Spoolie. 
Eyes & Lip brushes : The lip brush is pretty decent ,Its not too soft and picks up lipstick nicely ,I have started using it quite alot. The eyeliner brush is little thin yet making it perfect if you want to achieve thin and precise winged eyeliner. The sponged eye shadow brush is very basic.The classic brow comb , the comb side separates lashes and remove unwanted clumps nicely. It does its job. The last brush is spoolie brush. Instead of using it mascara , i prefer using it to brush my brows and keep them in shape after using brow pencil or brow wax.

Summary :
Price: $7.33 (approx Rs 735) with free shipping worldwide. 
Selection: Comes in a very girlish Purple brush roll
Overall:This is a very adorable looking brush set maybe among one of the cutest i own. The handles are made of plastic & aluminium and are quite sturdy. The brush roll is an added benefit if you travel.The set lacks few essential brushes like a foundation brush, blending brush or a pencil brush. But the quality of existing brushes in the set are decent for the price you pay plus they are really pretty.This is a very basic brush set so I will recommend this brush set to beginners.The best thing is that they cost less than $8 and the website offers free shipping.

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