Friday, December 13, 2013

Food Panda - Order Food with Food panda

Girls- you all have heart of the principle of the weekly cosmetics-“starter kit”-subscription, delivered right to your home. There are services for men and women, containing the basic necessities needed for personal hygiene and cosmetics. Every week a new collection is delivered right to your door. But hold on tight- there is something new, but instead with food. Interested? Then keep on reading: Every one of us have had those days, when you have to work late, cannot be bother to cook anymore or simply had a bad day and do not feel like going out anymore? Usually makeup is the one thing that convinces us to get out of bed and back into our high heels for the night. But you do not have to do that anymore, with foodpanda, an online food delivery website, also accessible through their new app (in iOS and android), that operates by delivering food from a wide range of restaurants to either home and/ or offices, you can stay at home and enjoy a lovely meal delivered right to your doorsteps. 

Currently foodpanda serves 4 cities in Pakistan: Islamabad, Lahore, Rawalpindi and Karachi. Foodpanda has put its focus on further expanding across new major cities and countries in the last months. In the beginning of 2012 the first foodpanda smartphone app was launched and since then, ordering food online via foodpanda has never been easier.

How does it work?
Download the app, enter your postal code, choose a cuisine or restaurant, decide to pay online or cash and select from an unlimited number of dishes. The app even suggests you which restaurant is the nearest to you, and all that by just one click. After you just have to wait for your order to be delivered.

Best Berry Lipsticks And Swatches – My Top 7

My lipstick taste is evolving every year, When i started this blog , i was so much in love with nude/neutral lips, then came pinkish brown MLBB shades, Last year and earlt 2013 it was all about hot pinks and now i am digging deeper lips trend.  Berry lipsticks are a rage these days. This Autumn/Winter 2013 vampy reds, moody berries and rich, heady wine colours are a big makeup trend,. 
Berry lipstick shades are very versatile and often suit a large array of skin tones.These berry lipstick shades may have red undertones or may be reddish and some even have purple undertones too.So if you wear lipstick, wear it dark .I do have quite some lipstick collection and i only picked these shades because i feel these will flatter any skintone , and i will keep updating this post with some more  berry-licious shades.
So here are some berry shades which you should try.

Mac Cremesheen Partyline : is described as Red-tone plum.Once applied , it transform into a beautiful berry shade which complements my skin tone.  {Review Here}
Palladio Wine Berry : Palladio lipsticks are not very talked about , but If you  have access to Palladio beauty products, you MUST check them out. They smell delicious like cocoa butter or vanilla . They are super creamy and super pigmented. For rs 500-550 you cant go wrong. [Some other palladio lipstick shades.]
Senna Creme Ruby : is a  deep wine (cream), which applies smoothly and somehow similar to Mac Party line :
Sephora Mat 04: is a 04 is matte dark plum lipstick. 
Ulta Beauty creme Bite of berry 246 is a lightest berry shade aming all , its berry with almost purple undertone . Its is universally flattering shade.
Medora Matte cherry bomb 262 :What can i say about Medora, they keep coming with some totally amazing shades. This one is matte and looks jewel tones cherry with hint of red/maroon.
Glamorous face lipstick #40 : is a deepest berry shade i own, almost oxblood knda shade, it looks like death in a tube but trust me , once applied, it looks so gorgeous.It costs rs 100 and quality is not as great as other i have shown but the packaging and shades are beautiful and doesn't too heavy on the pocket. 

Top Line L-R -Ulta Beauty creme Bit of berry 246,Senne Creme Ruby, Mac Partyline,Medora #262
Bottom Line L-R - Palladio Wine Berry, Sephora Mat 04 and Glamorous #40

I will update the post with other swatches and will keep updating if i found some other amazing shades. Ofcourse thers are like 1000 more beautuful berry shades but right now these 7 are mostly used berry/plum shades .

Are you following the deep/dark lipstick trends? What is your favorite shade?

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