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Sleek Face Form Medium Contouring Palette Review - Review ,Swatch & FOTD

Sleek Face Form Medium Contouring Palette Review

Face Form is the sister product of the Face Contour Kit (Review here).
With multi-tasking elements such as contour powder, highlighter and/or blusher or bronzer, Face Form is the ultimate face definition kit in one neat compact designed to suit all skin tones.Face Form in Medium is ideal for medium skin tones. Use in conjunction with Crème To Powder foundation for a flawless finish. Combinations, ranging from light to dark.

Sleek Makeup Face form is the ultimate 3 in 1 contour kit with a sculpting powder, highlighter and blush or bronzer.  Available in 4 different shades – Fair, Light, Medium and Dark.

  • Fair and Light comes with a  contouring powder, highlighting powder, and Rose Gold Blush
  • Medium and Dark stores  contouring powder, highlighting powder, and shimmering bronzer.

Today i have Sleek Makeup Face Form Palette in Medium for review. Since the face contour kit was my go to kit for contouring  i wanted to try this sister product which sleek makeup launched last year. For reference i am MAC nc35 , and the contour powder works well for my skin tone, but if you are scared of over doing it , and a new to makeup , i will suggest you to start with the Sleek Makeup Face Contour Kit in light. I am naturally tanned,and have bit of dusky complexion so i stay away from red based powders .
Contouring powder-The brown powder is a matte in the kit as it was i the contour kit.The shade is insanely pigmented and leans towards warm and no signs of reds into it. The powder in contour kit has a nice texture doesn't feel powdery. It blends easily. Since it is very pigmented , i will suggest to apply use a very light hand
Highlighter -It's a very smooth, creamy and it looks so beautiful when applied its a peach beige powder with light gold fine shimmers.But for some reason it looks silver in the swatches.It not my favorite but it works beautifully when paired with right blush.
Shimmering Bronzer – The bronzer in the kit works beautifully with medium /Pakistani-Indian skintones. It complements the whole look. It is more gold compared to Nars Laguna , where as Nars Laguna has more refined shimmer. 

The above swatches were taken in the direct sunlight and in the FOTD photo i am wearing all three powders but i kept the contouring to minimal.Like always you will never have problem with the pigmentation with sleek makeup products. Sleek Makeup Face Form Palette is very pigmented and apply smoothly. The blending is the key, so don't forget to blend thoroughly. 

In my opinion you don't to need to contour on daily bases. I only do it when i have some wedding ,party to attend. If you don't know where to apply contour powder , suck your cheeks in and look in the mirror for the best places to apply it.If you find that you’ve done too much contouring,counter it by applying more neutral foundation or powder over the top and then add color to tone it down. Do this shaping before you begin applying color. One thing you should always remember is to blend thoroughly. The shimmering bronzer gives a beautiful sunkissed glow , just go lightly with the bronzer ,apply to the areas of the face that naturally catch the sun/light like cheeks, forehead, a little dusting to the nose . And the highlighter, is used to reflect light off the face and can be placed in various places such as the apple of the cheeks, the temple, the tip of the nose , I even use it as brow bone highlighter.

Sleek Makeup Face Form Palette Medium
Sleek Makeup Face Form Palette -Medium

I always recommend sleek makeup products to my family & friends esp their eyeshadow palettes and blushes. But i do feel that of you are new to contouring or even a makeup enthusiast like me , this is a must have product. It is travel friends,affordable, and contains everything you need . If a new to makeup or whole contouring , i will suggest you to start with the Sleek Makeup Face Contour Kit in light.Face Form in Fair and Light come with contour powder, highlighter and blush. Face Form in Medium and Dark come available with contour powder, highlighter and a bronze

Price & Availability - I got mine directly from U.K , thanks to my lovely sister. But you can order this through beauty hub Facebook page (If in Pakistan)
Sleek Makeup Face Form £9,99/$12.49 from Superdrug and Sleek online.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

A Palette of Passion & Glamour: Nars Limited Edition for Eye, Cheek andLip

The NARS Guy Bourdin Crime of Passion palette includes 

  • Larger Than Life Lipgloss in Deep Throat, a new shade in a shimmering sheer peach
  • Eyeshadow in Jezebel
  • Eyeshadow in Naiade
  • Eyeshadow in Pandora
  • Blush in Deep Throat
  • Bronzing Powder in Laguna
Price : $59
Availability : nars counters ,

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RIMMEL ScandalEyes Thick & Thin Eye Liner- review

Scandaleyes Thick & Thin Eyeliner 

"The  fantastic new waterproof eyeliner from Rimmel London.Flawless eye definition with one stroke is what you get with new  Scandal Eyes Thick &Thin. The Thick & Thin pen boasts an amazing 3D felt tip that goes from sleek slick to fine flick depending on how you hold it – it’s all you need to get the on-trend Sixties look. It delivers ultra-black, ultra-smooth, ultra-resistant colour that dries in seconds and lasts 24 hours.Dermatologist and ophthalmologist-tested "
How to Use :Use the fine nib to create a precise line and the slant on the applicator to create a thick line. 

When i read the claims , i was super thrilled, i mean  3D felt tip ,  lasts 24 hours, ultra-black, ultra-smooth, ultra-resistant colour. It was like any eyeliner lover's dream coming true .I am a person who finds con in every product no matter how bad it is, same happened with this eyeliner. I had high hopes since rimmel makes some really nice eyeliner (read-Exaggerate Eye Liner) .So first thing first , It is not really pigmented , you need to at least draw few lines to It claims to be waterproof, I don't know about that since it comes of pretty easy with a wet tissue for me.One other thing which puts me off is that usually felt tip eyeliner pens are really easy to use, like smash box limitless liquid eyeliner or even essence eyeliner pen gave me pretty smooth application  , But not with RIMMEL ScandalEyes Thick & Thin Eye Line. The liner applies patchy and if you are in hurry , this thing wont help.
I find this liner helpful only when i am wearing a gel liner and i want a thin flick, then this works really well, Since it has a 3D tip so you can choose whether you want a thick or a thin liner and I also find it great to use the thin side to get into the corner of eyes and the thicker side  is great to wing it out.

The spirit of the Swingin’ Sixties is back!  Want to revamp those ‘oh-so-iconic’ MOD eye liner looks?  Meet the two newest members of the most SCANDALOUS eye makeup family: RIMMEL ScandalEyes Thick & Thin Eye Liner, one liner for two unique looks.  Fast and fabulous, whatever your Sixties style, we’ve got you covered!


  • if you are starting out with eyeliner looks.
  •  Teenagers/College student student-if you are looking for an everyday wear eyeliner .
  • The 3D tip is fantastic , you can choose whether you want a thick or a thin liner and I also find it great to use the thin side to get into the corner of eyes and the thicker side  is great to wing it out.


  • If you are looking for a blackest black, smooth , pigmented eyeliner.
  • If you are looking for long wearing,waterproof eyeliner.
  • If you don't like applying it over and over it to make it perfect.
  • If you want smooth line, since the liner comes out patchy
  • If you want a perfect cat eye look then the 3D slant of the tip work great for that.

Over all i think there are better alternatives available in the market if you are looking for eyeliner pen, like essence eyeliner pen is pretty good and costs less. This is the second eyeliner which disappointed me in last couple of months, first being the essence stay no matter what eyeliner pencil, which to be honest is total waste of money(details later). 
RIMMEL ScandalEyes Thick & Thin Eye Liner is available at  for rs 995  , boots (online) £5.49

disclosure : PR sample

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