Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Olor Deo Spray Lovely Lavender & Romantic Red - Review

Olor is a Norwegian brand , which is for the first time introduced their range of deo sprays in Pakistan.
For me deodorant sprays/roll on are everyday essential .I have had two of the scents to try and i have been using them since i got them. The Olor deo spray are available in 6 different scents.
Lovely Lavender (Rose & Amber) - is a beautiful, musky and rich,deep, scent. Initially the smell reminded me of Victoria secrets heavenly but VS is stronger and muskier. It's a little bit sexy, in a slightly masculine and powerful way . 
Romantic Red (Jasmine & Rose) is  a fresh ,sweet ,complete floral.the scent which is very light and pleasant. Not at all overpowering. 

They both smell totally different , for me Rose & Amber is more like a fall/winter scent and Jasmine & Rose is more of a summer scent but of course they are prefect for everyday use all year round. Olor deo spray comes in colorful ,packaging.  It comes in a very feminine travel friendly tin pack which contains 150 ml of product. The nozzle is pretty decent, the spray comes out easily and the spray gets evenly distributed. The staying power is pretty impressive , it stays on for more than 8 hours (though smell becomes faint as time passes by)Since everyone has a different taste in scents  Please first check the fragrance yourself before you buy it.

They are quite affordable . Olor deo sprays costs pkr 195 and they are available nationwide at leading stores.Olor deo sprays are available in  six variants Lovely Lavender ,Romantic Red, Alluring amber,Adventurous aqua, charming coral and Passionate pink.
Right now, I am enjoying this deo. But i have to say that once I finish them, I am looking forward to buy another variant.