Thursday, September 19, 2013

Haul - September 2013

If you follow me on instagram , you would know by now that i was in Lahore for few days and already back. I behaved and bought only few bits i really wanted. So lets get started 

Artdeco- Artdeco bronzing glow blusher (Price 1980/pkr)Its a three shaded blusher with golden shimmer. Its a limited edition blush so i am glad i got my hands on it.
Essence - I also restocked on my all time favorite gel liner of all time. Essence gel eyeliner midnight in Paris  (Price 530/pkr). I was excited for the newly launched essence stay no matter what waterproof pencil  (Price 260/pkr) But i am kind of disappointed with its performance.I also bought essence makeup remover wipes for waterproof makeup (Price 220/pkr) .I forgot my bring the eyeliner brush so i also purchased the essence gel eyeliner brush (Price 220/pkr)
Color studio Professional -I went to check CSP matte lipsticks, since Asia is my go to shade, i thought of getting few more shades but my cousin M , made me realize that i don't need any more lipstick. I bought Color studio professional all day water proof & heat proof powder in shade beige  (Price 1250/pkr)

Last but not the least , Look at this beautiful gold compact mirror and tell me its not something any girl would want to have in her bag. Its soooo gorgeous and reminds me of sephora Jasmine collection mirror.It was not so expensive (Price 395/Pkr)