Saturday, May 11, 2013

Revitalash Fineline Primer - Review

Revitalash FineLine Primer is specifically formulated to create a silky, smooth texture that conforms to the contours of your skin. Fine lines and wrinkles on the skin's surface will appear softened and less visible, while leaving your skin feeling smooth and supple
I was beyond excited when i got a chance to review the new Revitalash Fineline Primer, which is available on the QVC website (£46.50) . It claims to minimize the look of fine lines which i think my eyes can benefit. You dont have to be old to get fine lines, some people have natural lines around their eyes, mouth or even forehead . So when i started using this i was thrilled and excited to see how it goes.So first the packaging Revitalash Fineline Primer comes in a big blue box , inside is a sturdy heavy glass jar which stores the primer. It is one of the silicon based primer , which i personally dont mind , as i never break out from it . The texture is thick and but its blends well into skin . I dont have problem of fine lines except one under eyes (touch wood) so my main focus to test this product around my eyes and see if it really does soften and make that less visible . So  i apply it almost 10-15 mins before i start applying my base. Now in the below before/after photos you can clearly see that how it  did softens the fine lines to that level where they look blur. The before photo is without any makeup or anything but in after photos i applied the primer, over it garnier BB cream and some mascara as it is supposed to be worn under makeup. If you look closely on corner of lashline , i had some mini lines which are hardly visible in after photos.

If you are hoping that this product will disappear the lines, wrinkles and etc than Revitalash Fineline Primer isnt for you , Now if you ask me if does it work ? I will say yes , it does what it claims , it does help fine line appear softened and less visible meanwhile smoothing out the skin so you can have a effortless base before you apply the foundation.I do admit that the price is quite steep and personally i will think twice (thrice) before i splurge .But since you need a pea sized amount so this jar will last you a long time.
Where to buy & Price: The Fine Line Primer from RevitaLash is available from QVC and costs £46.50 for 15ml & at for $60

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Sunday, May 5, 2013

EOTD with Wet ‘n’ Wild Comfort Zone Eyeshadow Palette

Since i gave my Nikon camera to my sister , i stopped taking photos of my eye makeup. To  be honest i find it really difficult to work with Canon Dslr . I dont know how to take photos of my face with it. Maybe i need a remote ?? If you have a dslr and you take your own face shots please comment below with some tips so i can work on it. Anyways i had to go to a wedding and i used my Wet ‘n’ Wild Comfort Zone Eyeshadow Palette.

I use the  Column Two which has greens and an eyeshadow quite similar to Mac Club eyeshadow.Below shade descritons are taken from temptalia 

  • The Browbone is a pale, dirty gray-pewter with a white, frosted sheen.
  • The Eyelid is a subdued, springy green with a golden sheen.
  • The Crease is a charcoal brown with a pearly sheen. 
  • The Definer is a red-brown with a teal duochrome and frosted finish. 
Other product used are 
  • Waterline Avon glimmerstick eyeliner in blackest black
  • lowelashline Milani liquif'eye mettalic eye liner pencil in Aqua 04
  • mascara essence multi action blackest black mascara
  • eyeliner Lakme black impact liner
  • Primers Urbandecay primer potiom & fyrunnae pixie epoxy
  • Undereyes Smashbox photo op undereye brightener

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