Saturday, December 7, 2013

Top 3 Fast-Drying Topcoats & Mini Review

I love wearing nail polishes but i hate the time it takes to dry completely .Since i am very impatient ,and  90% of times i end up having at least one or two fingers nail paint smudged or ruined. Today Im going to feature three of my favorite fast drying top coats that I've used within with the past year or so.

Orly - Sec 'N Dry Multi-Layer Quick-Dry Topcoat :You have to wait until your nails are nearly dry before putting this on unlike seche vite. Orly sec n dry top coast dries fast enough. not as fast as seche vite but it doesn't shrink .Its my second bottle and it lasts a long time .It use it more often than seche .I usually apply it on my nails and this top coat starts working , i would say within 5-10 min it completely dries my nail polish. It also leaves nails shiny and smooth. Not as shiny as seche vite though. 

Seche Vite - Dry Fast Top  Coat : Seche is the most popular and i have a love /hate relationship with it. It gives an incredibly shine.I personally hate the smell. its strong for me.For me it works better with cream finish nail polishes.It needs to be applied to freshly polished nails, when they are still slightly wet. As you can see , i am half way through with it , and Seche Vite was great until its get half way done and then you cant use it it anymore since it becomes gloopy,thickens and makes it impossible to use. Seche vite causes nail polish shrinkage and on me , it makes nail polish peel off within 3 days.I use it when i am in hurry and want my nail polish to dry super quickly.If i ignore the wastage of the product, then it does dries in no time flat and long lasting and gives super shiny nails.

Golden Rose Quick Dry : Its is so affordable . easily available in Pakistan and gets the job done. I have been using this top coast since two years and this is my 4 or maybe 5th purchase. I gives amazing shine to the nails and dry time is same as Orly sec N dry if not better. I don't know why its not very talked about but personally it is one of my top 3 fast drying top coats. I got it from Alfatah for rs175/-


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