Thursday, August 15, 2013

Secret Eid Swap-Pakistani Beauty Blogger Community

Right after the success of PBBC first ever swap. Rabiyah and I started planning for Eid swap. This time we got even more amazing responses and everything went so well without any hiccups.
I already knew who my partner was , It was Rabiyah Tungekar of 

  • essence's new Miami Roller Girl LE blush 
  • Maybelline vivid lipstick in Fuchsia Flash
  • MUA 3in1 extreme contour liner in Dark Brown
  • Freeman pear refining cleanser 
  • NX nail lacquer in Atlantis
  • Argan treatment oil
  • Olive handmade soap (Glycerine)
Since we had exchanged stuff many times in last few years , we are aware of each others taste and i didn't have any specific wishlist but she got me stuff which i absolutely LOVE. I asked her so many times , what she is gonna send me because i am impatient like that she she didn't even give me a hint except i knew i was getting Essence Miami roller blush.
She also included some really adorable jewellery .

"Thank you Rabiyah for all these amazing gifts, You knew how i was so confused between vivid rose and fuchsia flash  . The jewellery is so pretty and I have already started using the freeman cleanser. I couldn't have asked for more "  

I was traveling  when the first swap ended so i was unable to post photos . But i am glad i got it done on timely manner. Keep checking Pakistani Beauty Blogger Community Facebook page today as Today at PBBC it is Eid Swap Fest day! We will share all the posts by all our lovely bloggers who participated in Eid Swap. You will get to see more pictures and a post about who were their partners and who sent the gift to whom, with lots of pictures. Keep an eye today as we will keep sharing the posts.

Pakistani Beauty Blogger Community is being run by two beauty blogger Sarah Ali & Rabiyah. To find out more about PBBC click this link.


  1. Ooo..I'm loving your goodies especially the jewelry. Nice picks! :)xx

  2. I love your picks!! Cant wait to see the blush review :)

  3. Pretty stuff <3
    I am so in love with these posts :) xx

  4. oh great picks! you will love the miami roller girl blush:) this was so much fun, looking forward to the next one!:) xx

  5. Awesome stuff..U gys have done a great job :) Thumbs up!

  6. Interested in doing a blogger swap with a Canadian? :P I am in Sharjah and I deal with USA/Canada brands and tons of other goodies. Not sure how much the delivery would be from Sharjah, UAE to Pakistan. If it's not too much, maybe we can consider :D

  7. love everything! is that pure argon oil? i got the essence blush too! :)

  8. The Freeman cleanser and Maybelline lipstick look awesome! x

  9. Oh God u got a lovely Treat, <3 Vivid Lipstick hmmm yum yum yum... Miami Roller (tears in eyes... :( )

    *** Hugs ***

  10. Awesomeeeee click first of all...

    miami roller too good..

    PS: arrange another swap soon sarah :D

    Nida's Beauty Bag!!

  11. Gorgeous lipstick Sarah & the jewelry will go well with ethnic wear..

  12. The products looks great. Love the lipstick !
    xoxo <3

  13. more jewelry

  14. Hello Sweetness!
    You have been tagged :)Have fun!
    The Lipstick Tag

  15. Gorgeous! :)

    I want to do a swap too! So badly! But can't find a blogger...


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