Thursday, July 4, 2013

Medora Matte Lipstick -True Red #283

I realized i am obsessed really in to Red lipstick when I first bought Rimmel Kate Moss lipstick in #10 and it was my go to lipstick , I literally wore it like every day & got so many complement during my trip to India. I have had my eyes on MAC Russian red, which is such a hot seller, But I couldn’t justify the price tag of rs 2000. What If I don’t fall in love with Russian red? What if It doesn’t look awesome on me . So instead a bought a much cheaper alternative Medora lipstick in True red # 283 .

 I have bought few other red lipstick since then and Medora lipstick in True red # 283 , is I must say is my favorite matte red. Medora lipstick in True red as name suggests is a true neutral red. It is a beautiful shade, which brightens up my face even if not wearing any makeup.  It is opaque just in one coat and the finish is matte. It applies smoothly without dragging. One thing I always disliked about Medora lipsticks is their taste. . Medora lipsticks usually dry lip out, so I do recommend applying a lip balm underneath. Medora lipstick true red is a true matte but it didn’t any accentuated fine line on my lips. As compared to other lipstick formula, matte ones usually stay longer on lips and on me true red by Medora  stay for more than six hours and fading with a stain . The packaging is just Ok-ish , Its very basic and boring .

Over all i think Medora Matte Lipstick in True Red #283 is a gorgeous red lipstick . It is very affordable and medora lipsticks comes in variety of shades and easily available nation wide.

If you are looking for a true matte red
 If you are looking for an affordable lipstick
It is easily available
If you are looking a pigmented red .
if you expect a great staying power

If you dislike the taste of lipstick
It has tendency to dry out lips

I bought Medora Matte Lipstick in True Red  from best buy store, Calvary ground Lahore for rs225/- . Medora brand makeup is easily available nationwide and price may vary. 



  1. wow! such a pretty color it looks so good on u really suits dis color on u :)

  2. Oh i just picked a couple of medora shades the other day! They were for 150 here though, this one is beautifulll! Might have to grab this too. I dislike their taste aswell as thr smell, but they are pretty pigmented!

  3. Perfect red colour . I have medora's real red in shade #203 . I wish that they improve their formula and the dryness and detergent like taste would go away then it would be a perfect line of lipsticks

  4. I use real red by medora.its a bit orangish this one.will buy it def.looking so good on u.ever since you put it on profile pic i was curious and waiting for review.thankyou <3

  5. I also use Real Red by Medora. It's weird but the shade appears different on me every time :-) From dark red to orange-red. I recently got two Medora shades (sorry, cant remember their numbers) for Rs. 100 in Lahore. One of them is much-wanted Vampire Maroon type color. Other is pinky-brown. So pigmented and long lasting. Bravo! :-)


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