Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Whats in my travel makeup bag? (India Version)

Before i even started packing for India, i knew i will like always over pack makeup and end up not using most of it.Well , i was right, I packed alot and used only few bits. My signature look was red lips and neutral cheeks with heavy eyeliner on top and bottom lashes. I fell in love with Nars Madly blush so much that i bought lotus herbal brew ginger . Nars Madly is a gorgeous blush and it lasts such a long time on me. I also tried essence foundation stay all day 16 hr , which is btw amazing. It gives me natural flawless finish and still manages to last almost 16 hour. I usually used to apply it around 9 in the morning and it still looked great end of the day. 

Blushes :
I only took two blushes with me which was a wise decision because i used Nars madly like 6 out of 8 days.
  • Nars Madly & 
  • Nars Amour

Eyes :
Okay so i packed alot and used only few things , like my beloved essence gel liner and Prestige Blackest black mascara most of times.
  • Essence gel liner
  • L'oreal Lineur intense liner 
  • Urbandecay 224/7 pencil bourbon
  • Prestige total intensity eyeliner in black  
  • Mac coral crepe paint pot
  • Rouge Bunny Rouge Eyeshadow in Veiled Lyrebird
  • shu uemura eyelash eyelash curler
  • sleek makeup brow kit
  • anastasia brow gel


I pretty much used only Kate rimmel london lipstick in #10 with the rimmel exaggerate lip linet in red diva . Other time if i wasnt wearing red i was wearing Revlon kissable lip balm stain in honey.

I wore Essence stay all day foundation every day with sigma F82 brush. We used to stay up all night and wake up early so garnier tinited roll on was a God sent gift. During day my face got oily , i used Laura Gellar powder

I kept everything in this pretty pink bag from Sigma

Now at the end just a random photo collage of the trip photos. 

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  1. That essence foundation seems like a nice buy :) the pictures are lovely.

  2. LOVE your picks! Definitely want to try a few products you've mentioned. You look stunning!! xx

  3. love your picks but most of all i love the photos from your trip, i want to go to India and visit the traditional places so badly! esp Agra and Delhi, Having read M.M.Kaye's novel from the Pre-Pakistan era, I'm obsessed with it! x

  4. Thats stunning ... I really like lip collection:)

  5. I so enjoyed this post. I also pack up tons of makeup and end up using a few pieces throughout my trip. =D

  6. Nicee! Really want to try out the Essence foundation now! I recognize your friend/sister/cousin in the red top! She used to be my senior in university! Small world!! :)

  7. Omg!!!! Im loving this post <3 I think I need to do same post too :D

  8. ok I can undertstand the purpose of everything xpt so many eye liners :-P love your pics.The makeup bag is super cute.I really like th collage you created with your trip photos. :)


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