Thursday, January 10, 2013

My MAC lipstick collection

Last night i was going through  my lipsticks and arranging them by brand , i thought why dont i do a series where i can show you my lipstick collection by brands.Btw going through lipsticks and arranging is my favorite hobby when i am bored. I dont own huge numbers of lipsticks but i think i own more than a sane girl should have . So let get started with the lipsticks .

Front row Lipstick L-R Sheen supreme lipstick Bare Again - Cremesheen Shy Girl , Matte Moxie ,Amplifies Blankety , Cremesheen Hibiscus, Amplifed warm me up 
Back row L-R Cremesheen Partyline ,Lustre Lovelorn,Glaze Hue

As you can see i made a mistake and threw partyline and lovelorn in my purse in month of july hot Pakistani summers and poor darlings couldnt take it and they melted . But i still use them esp partyline is my fav shade among few others. I give credit to Moxie for introducing me to bright lipsticks esp hot pink. You can see individual review and swatches of few of my mac lipsticks by clicking the links . LE means that the shades were part of limited edition collection.

  • Mac Bare Again is a pinky neutral beige
  • Mac shy girl is a creamy neutral coral beige ( Review & Swatch Here )
  • LE Mac Moxie is pinky-red ( Review & Swatch Here )
  • Mac Blankety is a soft pink beige
  • LE Mac Hibiscus is a brightened, medium-dark red-coral with soft gold shimmer ( Review & Swatch Here )
  • LE Mac warm me up is a is a creamy medium pink with a little warmed-up yellow in it
  • Mac Party Line is a Red-tone plum ( Review & Swatch Here )
  • Mac Lovelorn is a emotive blue pink
  • Mac Hue is a soft pale pink 
please let me know and share with me your favorite MAC lipstick shade . On my wish list MAC Russian red, Plumful , Candy yum yum since it recently got permanent :)

UPADTE : Check out swatches of these lipsticks here 


  1. You have a nice collection. I'd love to see full swatches. My favorite is Shy Girl x

  2. wow pretty colors sarah luv'em <3 <3

  3. Oh la la ! Loveyour collection, they are all shades that owould wear ifi had them haha

  4. Oh MAC! Love your picks. I so want to expand my mini collection now :D

  5. MAC blankety is a shade I've been wanting to get for a while but I'm not sure if it will suit me. Lovely collection you have there :)

  6. Oh Amazing collection so much wanting shy girl.. hey btw your mac shy girl review link is not working ... thanks for sharing

  7. Lovely collection Sarah <3 Im sorta lip lover rather then any thing , I def needa expand my lipstick collection now :D Im drooling over them xxxx

  8. Nice collection. Shy Girl is one of my all time favourite lipsticks, I am down to the bottom of the bullet with it. I've had Hue on my wish list for a while.

    Check out my blog if you have time :)

  9. Ah what a great collection. I have to get something out of these now haha.

  10. woww love ur picks ... seriously mouth watering :)

  11. Oh no!
    So heart broken to see a melted lipstick!
    Great collection tho!

  12. Oh wow awesome collection, i wish i could have a pick from these ;-)

  13. Oh wow awesome collection, i wish i could have a pick from these ;-)

  14. Stunning collection !
    I <3 Cremesheen Shy Girl is the

  15. Wow! i want to grab them all :P i just love it <3

  16. Never owned a MAC lipstick, but after this post I'm so tempted to buy a few shades, yummy colors!!


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