Sunday, January 6, 2013

A weekend dreadful job

What i have been upto ?? Yeah look at the photo and tell me you don't dread this job too. Buying brushes are so fun and exciting but giving them a wash is NOT so much fun esp when there is no sun and you know it will take them ages to dry and surprisingly you need them most as soon as you give them a wash ;) 


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  1. i agree.I wash the brushes and place them over a dry cotton napkin in a warm room.What makes it difficult is my two babies wanting to put the brushes in their mouth :(

  2. I find it soo annoying when most of my brushes are lined up for cleaning esp in the winter! :)

  3. i don't really like to wash my brushes, either... oh well!

    Miri xx

  4. I used to hate washing my brushes but now I wash brushes in batches. I usually wash my face brushes right before I go to bed so they are ready for use the next morning. And if they don't dry quickly, give them a quick blow with a dryer and I wash the eye brushes as soon as any of them gets dirty enough. xx

  5. you got some yummy brushes girl , i try to clean my brushes whenever i get the time as my baby hardly give me any free time :/


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