Saturday, September 8, 2012

Illamasqua Q collection Powder Blush SOPHIE - Review , Photos & Swatch

 S.O.P.H.I.E. is described as Golden Coral Shimmer

Overall opinion -  Illamasqua blushes have always been a solid favorites of me. In my opinion they can compared to quality of Nars blushes if not better. Illamasqua  Powder Blush SOPHIE is a Coral pink blush with visible golden glitter . Once on cheeks the golden specs are still visible but the glitter fades away after couple of hour wear . The texture of powder blush Sophie lacks the smoothness which most of my Illamasqua blushes have, but this one still blends beautifully. It looks beautiful on my nc 30-35 , since it has sheen to which gives me a glow. So i think i dont need a highlighter when i am wearing Illamasqua SOPHIE. I  just swirl my blush brush lightly around in the pan and then tap off the excess,and apply it on my  mostly apples of my cheeks and blend away. I think it will complement majority of skintones because its a coral with a bit of pink to it.  Since it has a bulidable , you can wear it lightly or heavy handed depending upon your mood .

Do i recommend :  Yes , If want a beautiful shimmery coral blush with a soft and pigmented formula  .
Price : $24.00
Where to buy : You can order Illamasqua through Sephora website in the US or illamasqua online store 

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  1. Looks gorgeous on you! I have the other blush in the collection but it looks like I might just have to buy this one too.... :)


  2. very pretty color,it suits medium to fair skin :)

  3. Very pretty. I love coral shades.

  4. ooh it really does look like you have a highlighter on aswell! gorgeous!

  5. I really like the pics..Good job..Keep the good work up!You are looking outstanding..
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  6. Fantastic work. Keep it up.


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